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Pay Day Again?

October 14th, 2011 at 06:28 pm

I was thrown off when I realized that Monday is payday. I just got paid Monday. Vacation sped up the financial month I guess (after slowing it down initially).

I've been too lazy to pay the other credit cards and do my savings transfer. Better do it now! Paycheck will pay mortgage and regular credit card.

Chase did indeed credit me $99, but I have no idea how to get it, so I wrote them back and asked how - suggesting a mailed check would be just dandy.

Dh sold an old DS today for $40, and already sold several of the games. So, he is on track to profit $20 on the deal. (Meaning the DSi cost -$20?) That's how we do things here.


When we went to McDs on the way home from LA, I got a free medium dries game piece. I redeemed it for lunch yesterday with a $1 Burger King burger. I was unprepared and planned to go home for lunch, but fact is $1 was considerably cheaper than gas. (I can't stand any food at McDs, but fries , and I don't care for the BK fries. So, sometime I just go to both places).

I think the fridge was much more bare than usual - no easy leftovers to grab. Next week I will need to plan better - probably no eating out and no going home for lunch. I need to pinch some pennies after vacation (& to prepare for our weekend away!) I usually try to do a lunch date with dh or friends once a week, but work will be a little hectic and so I will just work work work the next 2 weeks. Socializing and lunch dates can resume next month. The $20 or so I will save will go really far, right? Wink Maybe we can afford Taco Bell on our anniversary trip. At this point, I feel pretty confident that MIL will slip use some cash for our trip - she has been in an extra generous mood lately. It's either that or we just enjoy the ambience and eat Taco Bell. Either way is fine with us. Though I think we are partial to being EXTRA lazy and ordering room service. Assuming there even is room service - I should look that up.

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