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Mid-Week Update

October 12th, 2011 at 12:52 pm

**I did finish my book. Got absolutely no reading done on vacation, for the most part. Maybe first night? So, finally finished it last weekend. I need to re-evaluate my reserved books and go from there. Sookie Stackhouse series is kind of boring because so far is pretty loyal to the HBO series Tru Blood. So, I already know everything. My friend told me it is very different, but not sure it is really going to be my thing anyway. All my books came due at once, but probably nothing else in the queue. November is a really slow month here and good for reading, so I need to get on some library waiting lists.

**N0-Cable Update? Nothing to report - we still watch most all the same shows - just watch them differently. There is nothing life changing about this except for savings TONS of money. Big Grin

**Monday I ran to the CU after work to drop off my paycheck. I was all annoyed it looked totally closed up though the hours clearly said 5:30. Doh - stupid holiday! Holiday for who? Just the post office and the CU I guess? I guess the kids took their day off Friday instead. No one else seemed to be on holiday, in my own circles.

**Tuesday: dh ran to the CU for me, so I Was able to make a big mortgage payment. Vacation delayed my paycheck by one week. The holiday delayed its use for an 8th day. But, this is why I never cut things close. (I've technically still got 5 days or so to pay the mortgage - holiday schmoliday).

Made a killing at the bread store. Hadn't been there in a long time. Got 12 hoagie buns for $1. Will add meatball sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, and/or sausage sandwiches to the menu, perhaps? Lots of options. Also good to make garlic bread. Donuts were free. I had just stopped by for sandwich bread and a "soft treat" for BM. Got some donut holes for him, fig newtons, and sandwhich thins for myself. Did not forget the plain old bread. $8 spent.

**BM has a big dentist appointment today for a tooth pulling and some retainer/appliance thing (mostly already paid for). They are doing more preventitive work than I had, but I welcome the technology and hope he doesn't have braces for like a decade, like I did. (I did have a ton of teeth puled, so that is same old, same old).

IT's not all bad - the dentist commented that *LM* had very straight teeth. He must get that from dh. He does have one extra tooth, but they aren't concerned about it. No extra permanent teeth. That said, he has yet to lose a tooth, which is kind of weird. BM got teeth late and lost teeth late, but LM Was kind of normal and has been even longer to lose them. Guess everyone is different! He also has my jaw, which probably means surgery, eventually. So, he's got his fair share of issues.

All four of us are extremely stoic anyway, so it's not like any of this would phase BM in the least. BUT, I have no idea how we ended up with this dental place. I like them and they haven't been scammy, but they have video games and all sorts of fun stuff there for the kids, so the kids LOVE going there. I'd generally rule this type place out, off the bat, for being fancy and expensive, but I have NO complaints! Who knew?

Dh and I still need to replace our retired dentist. I don't even want to go there - have been trying not to think about that. But will need to figure out something soon.

**We had a *winter storm* last week while we were on vacation. My dad went to a "fall foliage" photo shoot with some photography group. I was skeptical if he'd see any fall foliage. (It was hot summer weather right up to September 30th). He came back with some interesting photos - there was a lot of fall foliage up in the colder mountains, but also a lot of SNOW.

**Family friend was laid off a few weeks back. I mentioned briefly - he is 60. My mom was telling me something like she thought he had really grown up and was not so susceptible to all the scams he used to be. I think this was just a by product of working in one stable place with a great group of people, unfortunately. He was laid off but a week or two when he panicked and sent some work at home scam place 3 credit cards + about $20,000 cash. !!!!!! O.M.G.

It also looks like he will have to choose between the 30 year mortgage he just took on, and his health insurance. OF course he will choose the mortgage. I just don't *get* it. I obviously haven't been there and been in those shoes, but I value my financial security way too much to put a HOUSE ahead of that. I just don't get it at all. HE's going to lose his house, probably, but will hang on until the bitter end and be worse off for it. I see it every day with everyone around me, just about. For all those scamming the system and walking away for no reason, I see 10 times as many people who should have walked away and are inifinitely worse off for it.

Anyway, it is very sad. I don't think many of you need a reminder not to give away your life savings for a job opportunity, but I guess some people do. *sigh*

2 Responses to “Mid-Week Update”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Monday was Columbus Day which is a federal holiday. For us,as a military family, it meant a long vacation weekend. No complaints here!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    That is a very sad story on many levels and I am sure there are so many more. Desperation I suppose?

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