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Page 880?

October 3rd, 2011 at 06:45 am

I didn't get very far yesterday. Really wanted to make it to page 900, but couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't get a chance to read until very late.

Busy busy busy yesterday. Today won't be much better, but I may be able to finish the book tonight?

I went to the pet store to get doggy training pads (idea from MIL) to put around the cat litter boxes. The kids and I fell in love with a cute kitten there. I've often taken the kids to the pet store just to look at fish, etc. & they often have cat or dog adoptions there. BUT, yesterday was just sad. I have never seen so many cats there. Maybe 20 cats? + a small cage with 5 kittens. *sigh* I am sure it is the economy and all.

OF course, dh and I had already decided that we no longer wanted any pets again. But the kitties were pulling at my heart strings. Considering dh does not care for cats, and that is the only pet we have had, I don't think it matters. If we agree to get a pet it will be a dog. I don't care for dogs (& would be even MORE work)!

Anyway, if it was just me, apparently my resolve to not have another pet is not very strong. I wonder if I could talk him into a kitty again? Big Grin Actually, I think I just don't want a dog. But, we are in the *old kitty* stage and it is not the most carefree. It's going to be hard to enjoy our vacation, for one. I'll be worried about her - the stress when we leave is never good for her health.

Obviously the kids would love a kitten, but I don't think I could go that route either. I'd happily rescue a declawed non-kitten again. It's the only way I could really get my dh on board in the first place. Though I would never declaw a cat, I admit we have become spoiled having one.


Anyway, so yeah, we bought doggy training pads there. Ran to the grocery store for a couple of items. I dropped off the kids an then ran to Kohls and filled up the car with gas. I spent $20 on earrings. I really just wanted to pick up a specific sweater (another color from the one I got and LOVE) but of course those were all gone. Bah! I tried on a bunch of stuff that didn't fit well, and so settled on 3 pairs of earrings. I had $10 off and 15% off - spent about $20. Was a nice splurge.


Vacation plans are very topsy turvy. I had told dh and the kids a million times that this was the LAST trip to Legoland for a long time, because it is such a little kid place. Apparently no one truly believed me or was listening. Yesterday dh looked it up and decided we shouldn't even bother - the kids are too big for the most of it. After talking them into 2 days at Disney/California Adventure (was surprisingly easy, considering the whole reason we were going was because they REALLY wanted to go to Legoland). After that we decided to look at the price of 2-days at Disney/California Adventure. Holy Crap! (NO discount for second day. Total would be about $600). & the park hopper cost more. I'd personally rather do 1.5 days Disney and 1/2 day California Adventure, but that cost even MORE.

We are going to Lego Land. Big Grin IT cost about the same honestly (which seems like a rip since it's no DISNEY), BUT we have two free tickets for Legoland. With gas, parking and everything, we still come out $100 ahead. & Legoland is certainly cool.

Hmmmm. Maybe we should have looked at the price before we told the kids. Oh well! I think we will have a nice time. Now we have to convince them back the other way.

It turns out that the Observatory is closed the days we are free. We could always stop there on the way home, but doubt we will. More plans change.

We decided to spend one day doing the really touristy thing.

By the time we got all our plans settled, dh was like, "We should have planned a bigger trip." I had to remind him that a small side trip was what our budget allowed, but if we didn't want to do anything but a BIG Disney trip next year, we could plan for that. OF course, then he told me he rather go to Disney World. Rolleyes With no airfare, Disneyland is infinitely easier for the budget - even if we went there all week or something. I suppose all else being equal we could discuss that, BUT I rather just wait for MIL to invite us again. She seems uber generous lately. (His Grandpa lives in Florida so there is a large element of wanting to see him again - it's not just the Disney thing). Our one-income vacation budget does not have room for airfare for 4 to Florida, that is for sure.

2 Responses to “Page 880?”

  1. laura Says:

    Let me know about Legoland. We're planning on being in Southern Cal in June 2012 and I've got three kids talking about it. My grandmother reimburses for travel and car (costly for our single income and airfare for 7), and my uncle has connections for discounted tickets, but I still like to be judicious on how we spend other people's money. Smile

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I think overall it would be way too young for your family (all the rides, etc.). BUT, it is cool to see all the little Lego cities, etc. Once.

    Anyway, I will let you know how bored my 1st & 3rd graders are. Big Grin We have been going back and forth on our schedule, but so far seem pretty *on* for LegoLand. It is easy to find "buy one adult ticket, get one kid free" tickets, and you can get a park hopper for the aqaurium too. Might appease older children? Well, we decided to get those tickets, since there doesn't seem to be much at Legoland alone, so I will let you know.

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