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Magician Magician Magician

August 13th, 2011 at 05:37 pm

Dh caught that there was a free magic show at the library today. (Just in time).

He took the kids, and I took a nap!

Totally lazy day here...

Enough magicians for one month?


I updated Quicken for all our new credit cards.

I have like TEN.


I usually have 2. The Target card adds a third. Dh has another card that I don't have. & the rest are all for one-time rewards.

I am so happy that I can pay them all of 8/31 and be done with them all!!! I just told dh that I think I was at my limit. Staring at 10 credit cards in my Quicken is enough. Thanks. (Most of them have balances at the moment? Just for this month - we pay them all off monthly).

If there's any more deals, my head may start spinning. Couldn't do this without Quicken, though. Not so easily, anyway. WAY too much to keep track of.

Instead of taking $300 cash from the Citi card, I am re-considering taking gift cards.

I am expecting a $500 Amazon GC from Chase.

From Citi, I can also get $500 in gift cards. TO get Amazon, I have to by Wal Mart and exchange for 95 cents on the dollar. But, it's still a good deal. I perused their rewards today and realized I could probably do some mix of Kohls, B&N, and Amazon (have to trade for Amazon). I can give dh that $500 Amazon from Chase then. I give up $300 cash, but will come out so far ahead that I will probably just take that $300 from savings and put it to the mortgage anyway.

With the gift cards? Can probably commit to a $0 Christmas. PLENTY for gifts. We usually don't spend much for Christmas anyway.


Okay, so I FINALLY closed my old Chase Freedom Card. It's the least fight any cc company every put up. It went like this: "I'd like to close my card." "Why?" "Because I just got 2 new Chase cards, and never use the old one." (I could have griped about their crappy rewards change or attempt to charge me fees, but just wanted the deed done - that was all so long ago and Chase has rewarded me very nicely this year with these new cards). Anyway, their response was, "It's closed." I have had them BEG in the past to keep me. Like, they would match ANY rewards. Those days are gone, huh? (Actually, that said, I declined their new terms, complete with fees, and they let me keep the card. Over a year ago? Maybe they were going to cancel it anyway at some point).

I think I will just e-mail them when I am ready to close the other 2 reward cards. In case they get in a begging mood. I can think Ceejay for giving me the idea.

Anyway, one less account to look at, in Quicken. I logged onto Chase, and the account was already gone. Woohoo!

Dh and I both have to close 2 cards each next month - most of these one-time reward cards have annual fees. I suppose that is how they get you (they know people are scared to close cards, or forget, or whatever). Considering the fee factor - we are closing them all next month!

3 Responses to “Magician Magician Magician”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    You're a master at milking this. Sigh. Not sure I'm up to the task, though the rewards are nice indeed. Congrats on having a 0 cost Christmas. That's excellent!

    I should try at least one, but the deals don't seem quite as good as yours. I aLso remember how much you said you charge to your cards, including utilities and stuff i had never thought of charging, and each time I catch myself writing out a check, I say darn! I should have charged it!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Just got approved for a Chase Freedom $200 cash back card! Hooray! I need to now make a concerted effort to pay for as much as possible with the card (and of course pay all in full each month, as these rates are So much higher.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Way to go!

    I was going to say you can still apply for Chase Sapphire for $500 cash - but yeah, you have to spend $3000 in 3 months for that one. That said, if you get credit card offers in the mail - check them. I've gotten a couple of offers in the mail where you didn't have to spend near as much as the offers I have seen around the internet. On the Citi card we got, we got to spend $1000 in 3 months and no fee (versus $2000 spending and a $125 fee offered to the masses).

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