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Nook Update

August 12th, 2011 at 05:56 pm

I was resigned to the fact that I would probably buy the latest Game of Thrones ebook (though was waiting to see if it would go on sale).

Dh bought the hard cover (since it was all he could pre-order) and at least the print is a little bigger. I may just suck it up and read it.

& then? Hallelujah! I was perusing ebooks at the library and spotted it. Why hadn't I looked sooner? Lord knows.

I am like 10th in line, but considering that there are four copies, it shouldn't take very long. In a couple of weeks I will also request the book with every library card in our house (2 weeks apart, each?). Since you can't renew ebooks, and the book is 1000+ pages. I figure I can get some decent coverage that way. No renewals? With 4 library cards, I can work around that.

That said - not too worried about it. Will read the bulk of it on my nook, and have the actual book for the rest.

It's official - I ain't going to buy it!

I still have a $3 credit on the B&N gift card I got for Christmas. Not sure what in the heck I will use it for. Maybe a book I can't get at the library on ebook.

Though the library does not have a lot of old books in ebook form - they seem to be stocking up on new books at a pretty rapid pace. The limited selection I worried about seems pretty moot at this point.

I share because a bajillion people have poo-pooed my ereader for being expensive. & go on how to say how used books are so much cheaper. I've always been 99% a library gal - and nothing much has changed except I don't have to take the time or gas to go to the library to get my books any more. I LOVE it!

Yes, the ereader itself adds an extra expense, but everyone is always yapping to me about the cost of the ebooks. I Wouldn't know, because I don't buy ebooks any more than I would buy paper books. If they told me the nook was expensive and they were scared to lose it, at least that makes sense. Big Grin But the $0 I have spent on ebooks in the 8 months I have owned this thing? Somehow I will survive, financially.

4 Responses to “Nook Update”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad you found your book via the library!

  2. baselle Says:

    Its only expensive when you don't use it. If you love it, use it, and find that you run your routine cheaper with it ... its not expensive. I've been toying with the idea about getting one myself.

  3. Just Me Says:

    I bought a Kindle & love it. Amazon offers top 100 free books and I have been downloading free books. I really enjoy mine.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    I broke down and bought the hardcover at Costco. I finished it last night. I'm suffering Westeros withdrawls now! Haha!

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