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Back to Reality

August 12th, 2011 at 12:35 pm


Our little mini vacay was perfect. Will have to remember this for next year. Should be a tradition: back-to-school vacation. & was the perfect mixture of a couple of lazy days at home, a short drive, some fun activities, time with family, etc.

I certainly have delighted in the fact that our kids will be on the same campus/schedule for one year. (Next year their locations will be split up - bah!). But, I hadn't thought much beyond that. A couple of people have since asked me how LM has adjusted to "all day school." I expect he will adjust just fine since he is going only 45 minutes longer than before! I can't say I was a fan of all-day Kinder, but the kids handled it well (LM WAY BETTER than expected), and I suppose it makes 1st grade a very easy transition.


I skipped my long overdue need for a haircut because my scalp was so sunburned. Will have to wait a few days. Decided I didn't need the extra pain.

I gave blood a couple of days ago and was dissapointed by my reward! I was looking forward to a free soda and a free pint of ice cream. The "pint for a pint" was apparently over and I got some coupon I won't use (Applebees). I still looked forward to a cold can of soda (FREE) when they burst my bubble and told me no more soda. I always thought it was weird they had soda (doesn't seem to be the best for replenishing blood, and they sometimes try to talk you out of it though they have a fridge full of the stuff). But, whatever, I had come to embrace it. Big Grin Anyway, I do think it's a good thing. I was just bummed because I was so looking forward to free ice cream and soda!


I sent a check off to school for almost $200 (supplies, field trips and spirit t-shirts). The kids have enough lunch pre-paid for a few more weeks, but should probably make a large deposit for the rest of the calendar year.

School lunch went from $2.25 to $2.50. I think it was $2.50 the year before last. (It had gone down at some point)? Overall, it's a pretty good deal for what it is. A well rounded meal, and the kids will eat it. I think our limit was 3 days a week (not that they did that every week), but we may do a 2 day per week limit this year. Will see, I guess. LM has taken to lunches far more than BM, but he is less likely to eat all the veggies. So, not sure how I feel about that. I'll probably deposit enough to cover 2 lunches a week for the rest of the year.

I haven't decided if I should register them for daycare this year. IT's $30 per family to register. & they switched it up this year so you pay after the fact - no more pre-paying. I still have some balance from when dh had surgery. I put $100 or so down and we never used it up. Lord knows what happened to the balance - I should look into it. If I have to release it or anything (I am happy to donate it to the school).

Anyway, I like the new system - pay the month after. No pre-paying amounts you may never use! The only reason to pre-register is to ensure a spot, I guess, though it doesn't seem to be much issue. IT's just nice if we ever need it for any reason whatsoever - to have the kids all signed up. Then we can drop them off any time. Since we found no reason to use it the entire last school year... That said, we did sometimes use the more expensive drop-in daycare during parent conferences and stuff like that. Duh. Decision made. Will come in handy those times - worth it if we only use it for that. (The cost is about the same - hourly - but school is much more convenient).

Decision made - more paperwork to fill out.


P.S. All of our school money and vacation money comes from "short-term savings." We set asides amounts monthly, for all this type stuff that is very forseeable.

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