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Home Portion of Mini Vacay

August 9th, 2011 at 10:45 am

Best I can tell, the temp was 77 degrees yesterday (per internet). I'd have guessed 80 or a little warmer. Was wary because the day started cloudy and dreary. Didn't really want to freeze all day! Then the sun came out and the weather was just *perfect.* The kids can pretty much do all the slides now. Though we waited in plenty of lines, I don't think we have ever seen the place so empty. Was just a perfect day!

(Though dh did get a nasty sunburn. The rest of us are more sun tolerant. I just ran out for a giant bottle of aloe vera. What amazed me is how milky white some of skin is and how bright red and awful his splotchy sunburn is. Absolutely nothing in between. I said "where the sunblock worked - it worked well?").

I admit my scalp is rather burned though. I've been wearing hats most of summer, but didn't want to lose my hat on a water slide.

We decided to come back last night since kids have *meet the teacher* today - school starts back tomorrow.

I had loose plans to get a haircut and give blood today/tomorrow. I had made lunch plans and forgotten them. (But told my friend to call me and remind me. She called and I knew the second I heard her voice - glad she reminded me!). I told the kids we could go see the smurf movie today (matinee prices). Dh isn't interested - so works out.

I was kind of looking forward to a *date day* with dh. Tomorrow. But when I brushed my hair this morning I remembered I was in dire need of a cut. Tomorrow may be a bit busy. Then again, a haircut and a blood draw shouldn't take very long. The kids both have the same school schedule this year - for 7 hours a day. DIVINE!

In the middle of my busy day I have to get up some pictures - I have some amazing pictures to share from the beach.


Financial update:

Our retirement is down $13,000 in the course of a few days (no matter - am in for the long haul).

We hit the credit card bonus with Citi card the last few days and the new Chase card arrive, so I just switched them out. We may hit the Chase bonus within a week since I have a $215 charge I was going to put on the Citi but will put on the Chase instead. Just $285 to go. I think we will be redeeming lots of rewards the end of this month! I expect to hit 3 separate rewards by 8/31.


Oh yeah - while staying with MIL, we got all our vacations booked (free room). The Napa vacation share they have is apparently divine. BUT, since we waited so last minute, we couldn't get anything in September (anniversary late Sept). So we went for last weekend in October. It's pretty much a free vacation - so doesn't really matter to me when it is!

We also booked our So Cal stay in October. Staying at the same place as last time. I believe we had to pay a $20 parking fee, but were within walking distance from Disney. We settled on 4 nights away. The cat has done well with two 3-nights away, this year. We needed to leave way extra water and cat litter for her. (Wary because she got stressed and a bladder infection last year). If she has enough water and clean litter, she seems to be doing okay. Was clearly more than just stress. So, phew. We've left her 4 nights before with no help, but will ask my friend to check in on her, give her some canned food, and clean her litter box. I think will need a little extra help. I hope the stress doesn't send her into another infection - I can't do anything about the stress. But I can make her litter boxes cleaner and get her some canned/wet food in our absence. She needs more water, cleaner litter, and more wet food - in her old age.

The free nights weren't given, so I am excited to get all that squared away!!

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