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August 5th, 2011 at 08:58 am

Officially approved for the Southwest rewards (Chase) card. Another $500 reward. ($400 - after fees).


I only know because I logged in and saw *three* cards today - whereas before I only had 2 Chase cards.

I am personally only opening these cards for rewards, and will close them the second I am done.

It seems kind of ludicrous to be extended so much credit. Does anyone really need *3* credit cards with one company? All with -0- balances?

I really thought they were going to deny me and I would have to call and offer to close one card, in order to get the third.


Anyway, I still haven't closed old Chase card though have wanted to for ages. Dragging my feet, because I hate calling for this stuff. (Used to be good ongoing rewards, but those dried up and they have tried to add fees to it, too - I declined the new terms. But tired of dealing with that crap).

Can you just close your account over secure messaging these days? Probably can.

Anyway, now it's *easy.* "I just applied for 2 new cards, and so would like to close the old one."

It will be a warm up since I will close the other two in the next couple of months.

It's no biggie. If I changed my mind for no reason - it's my perogative. But, I like the easy out!

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