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Vacation Lifestyle Can Resume

June 10th, 2011 at 01:39 pm

I am no fan of the heat, but at least with the heat I know what month it is.

Of course, that said, the weather changed in a flash. (ugh - no transition!) But, for the most part I am embracing it.

I washed a pile of fleece figuring I maybe really wouldn't need it again until fall. & I suppose it's time to evaluate the kids' wardrobes.

I was dissapointed to see that our electric bills was not much lower than average, for May. Maybe 8% lower, at most. Though I recall many heat waves in May, I suppose that is not the norm.

We did turn on the air last night. Certainly has got to be a record - June 9th - first AC of the year! I wouldn't say it has been that hot, but when I went up to bed it was sweltering upstairs. Flipped on the air about 20 minutes to make it bearable for sleep. Of course, house cooled off overnight.


The last few days of school are upon us, so many activities are going on.

I can't believe I will have two all-day grade-schoolers. LM goes to school an extra 45 minutes next year, so no huge adjustment. We learned that he thrives on a schedule. That part, I didn't expect. I really thought he'd have a tough transition to Kinder. Now, somehow the year is over. Next year I will also sign the kids up for daycare, for some added flexibility. Not that they will go often, but I just didn't want to add that on top of a whole new experience for LM last year so we never signed up or utilized this past year. IT had been kind of nice and handy for drop-in care the year before - we had signed BM up due to uncertainty over dh's recovery from surgery, and did utilizie it sparingly.

I've gotten so many requests for money this week, and have been very *bah humbug* about it. Next year I am going to tally it all up. I may be extra scroogey and say no to every single request and add the amounts to my mortgage instead. Wink Will see. Just this idea I had, since I mostly thought all this stuff was done. Last minute requests are really my pet peeve.

BM is on track for perfect attendance. LM is perfect minus one day. I think he is outgrowing his asthma (mostly expected to outgrow from family history, but asthma/allergies are terrible in the region so wasn't so sure). Anyway, all those germs all year and I've never seen him healthier. We paid our dues - first year of preschool/daycare was a nonstop sick hell. Everyone told me, "Then you won't have to go through that when they start grade school." I am pleased to say this was true.


Next week I will take some time off for last days of school stuff (2 BBQs, for one - I will take the free food).

Following week we are taking a day off to go to a museum.

The week after that is vacation.

Then, we have 2 weeks to prepare for the kids' birthday party. I sent out invites today - wanting to get those out before school was out. Almost forgot.

We still need to pick a day to go to Six Flags (got some free tickets). Will take a mid-week day off to hopefully avoid crowds. Probably some time around their birthdays.

Pool is open so will resume lazy day sat the pool. It's been far too cold up until now, which has been ridiculously unusual.

So, it's starting to feel like summer.

Anyway, I look forward to the next 4 weeks or so of work being pretty light. A bunch of 4-day workweeks, etc. The weather has made it hard to execute my vacation lifestyle (generally May through November). But, we can try again now.

2 Responses to “Vacation Lifestyle Can Resume”

  1. M E 2 Says:

    The weather has been beyond crazy. We had a cold/snowy winter. We had a cool/rainy spring. And although it's not officially summer (to me Memorial Day IS the first day of summer just as Labor Day IS the last day of summer) it was mid 90's on Tuesday and Wendesday. 84 on Thursday (although that high was reached at 2 AM) and today I doubt it made it past 65.

  2. mamasita Says:

    Sounds like a great start to a summer of fun! Enjoy your time with the kids!

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