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Library + Weather Doings

June 8th, 2011 at 01:07 pm

I was extremely pleased to see that the ebook selection at our library has increased dramatically since December. (I hadn't looked the past many months since I have been knee-deep in my series). I requested several ebooks that I am waiting for - chosen from just browsing the library selection.

The only book immediately available was "Strength in What Remains," by Tracy Kidder. Absolutely riveting from page 1, and since the book is only 250 pages on my nook, so will go by in a flash. "Game of Thrones" had set the bar very high and got me out of a long reading lull. I worried about the bar being set high, but realized a lot of that will be offset by reading normal length books that don't take such a huge commitment. I hadn't thought about it until I open this ebook and saw the 250 pages. "Pfffft - I can read that today," I thought when I saw that.

We did sign up the kids for the library's summer reading program.


We ate well yesterday.

MIL/FIL really wanted to go to the culinary school for lunch. So, we went yesterday. The school is closed 6 weeks or so for summer, so good thing we went. Works out, since we probably wouldn't go with the kids out of school anyway. No lunch dates for 2 months, probably. Though with their summer camp we can maybe swing some early lunch dates, alone.

MIL insisted on paying because "they are retired, after all." ??? Because being retired means you have more money? Since they are young in retirement, my worry is very minimal, but for the long run, I do worry if they really know what they are doing. Their savings is probably far higher than average, and they have a huge home asset to tap. BUT, they entrust all their money to an expensive brokerage. At current, MIL seems to be extremely optimistic (thinks she will never touch principal and will leave us their nest egg - so she says). FIL just retired, and seems extremely wary. To the point he has told us he is "not necessarily retired" - as if he expects to have to go back. Anyway, it's interesting to watch their extreme opposite reactions to retirement.

For reference, my parents' nest egg seems to be about double the in-laws, and they are far more cautious. They certainly aren't planning to leave us any of it! My parents are a bit younger, and my dad is still looking for work anyway. Writing on the wall seems to be forced retirement for my folks. MIL certainly comes across overly optimistic, in comparison.


Vacation plans are up in the air. Camp is closed, camp is open. Who knows? Sun came out yesterday. Things are back to *normal.* Forecast just calls for sun. Phew! That said, not sure how 65-degree-days equate to snow melt when it comes to shady areas with 9 feet of snow. I don't have the experience to know, but sounds like 2 weeks is pretty optimistic. MIL claims they are bulldozing snow out, but they have to figure some drainage or something so the non-shoeveled snow doesn't leave the entire campground a giant mud pit. I don't foresee any hikes this year. Shoveling out camp by itself sounds like a HUGE task. But, if they make it bearable (cars not sinking in mud), then it will be an experience!

We've decided if it does get cancelled that we will just do our own thing. Probably stay home, since we will need more notice to get a free place to stay in So Cal. But, will see what we can throw together at the last minute. I'd probably rather stay home and plan for a more frugal trip for later. Will see.

3 Responses to “Library + Weather Doings”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    If you FIL always handled the bills and making money and his wife was a homemaker, she may not be fully aware of the various challenges in making retirement savings last. Your FIL sounds more realistic.

    I see you are interested in a Ford Fiesta too! I've had my eye on that car for a while now, mainly because of the 40 mpg it gets. Altho it's pricey, isn't it, about $19K for the one I want, and that's without most of the upgrades.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm glad you found some books at the library. Smile between The free book deals and Overdrive (library ebooks) you can be easily kept in free reading material for a long time! Just this week I added 7 new ebooks to my phone. Smile free of course

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    "If you FIL always handled the bills and making money and his wife was a homemaker, she may not be fully aware of the various challenges in making retirement savings last."

    She actually is the one who manages the money and has always worked equally (if not more). So this is not their situation.

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