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Flowers - Week 2

June 5th, 2011 at 03:33 pm

I pruned my flowers (from farmers market last weekend) and moved them to a new vase:

Well, I also moved the prettiest ones to a single-flower vase.

Their time is almost up. I think I will get more flowers next weekend - will be enjoyed for the rest of the month.


We are starting to assume that camp will be cancelled. Just saw pictures from last Thursday, before the latest round of storms. Snow has fallen since those pictures.

It is clear that few vehicles will be able to navigate the mud, and that there is nowhere to park anyway (since they have cleared roads, etc., but everywhere else is covered in at least 8 feet of snow).

We hadn't agreed/decided when to take the kids to LegoLand. I suppose we will just wing it if camp gets cancelled. Would drive, and MIL could work her timeshare magic. Don't think we need too much notice. Either that, or we will find a Motel 6. Either way, will work.

We could maybe start planning for an alternate camp location at a lower elevation, but I think everywhere is going to be cold and uncomfortable. I suppose we should keep that in mind for So Cal, too. Maybe we should just stay home!!

Plan B could also be to just stay at the family cabin, which is near camp. To keep the family/campy nature of our planned vacation.

Will see...

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