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Crazy Weather

May 16th, 2011 at 06:44 am

Boy, the weather has been crazy here.

Turned off the heat ages ago. May can often be pretty darn hot, but it's been COLD this week. That said, so far there has been no need for heat. Will see.

Yesterday I got an update from camp that there was a snow storm. They have been clearing out the absurd ten feet or so of snow that remains. So, the snow wasn't very helpful.

Camp is probably about 80 miles away? I didn't think much about it and was thinking about walking to the store to pick up a couple of things. In the end I asked dh to drive to the store for me. HE went out into the garage and then came back in for a jacket. He said, "It's raining sheets." We had no idea! The snow storm was a bit of a clue.

The gutters seem to be working beautifully. So much so we didn't even hear the drip drip dripping that usually comes with the rain. I did walk around the house and checked them out while it was pouring down rain. Had thought we'd have to wait until next winter!

BM's recital went very well. On the way there we witnesses an amazing thunder/lightnings show. The thunder was SO LOUD though it was never quite on top of us (thank goodness! Was quite a storm). It is rare we get such a treat.

On the way to dinner afterwards it hailed. I was just telling dh the other day that we probably don't get much wear and tear on our cars with mostly paved roads and no snow to deal with, etc. As hail pummeled the car, I thought, "There's another one we don't deal with much." But, it was teeny tiny hail and the kids enjoyed it. Nothing dangerous.

So, that was a lot of excitement.

Then the clouds parted and the skies cleared so our parents could drive home in nice weather.

1 Responses to “Crazy Weather”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Weather is really messing with us too! We live in a condo where the heat and air are turned on and off by building management (we can control whether it's actively running, but they decide when to switch over). It was in the high 80s for a day or two; they'd switched off the heat but didn't turn on the air until the second day, and it takes a while to really get going. By the time the air conditioning was really starting to cool off our unit, temperatures dropped into the 40s. Only the heat had already been turned off! I'm someone that likes a comfortably warm indoor space when it's cold, so it was a bummer to wear heavy sweaters etc. indoors.

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