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47 cents an hour - Daycare

May 16th, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Let's try this again. (No website problems, but I just had no idea what I Was talking about. Big Grin )

There was a summer park program through our city that was dirt cheap. I don't remember what it was - maybe something like $15/week for a 20-hour per week program. Every week day, 4 hours, lunch included.

Last year the program was dropped. A neighbor was trying to get support to keep it. I had e-mailed a friend who is a local journalist, but she was knee deep in bigger budget whoas at the time. That said, neighbor was vocal and program was re-instated. BUT, at a park that we have to drive to versus one we could easily walk to. We decided to skip it.

This year started about the same, so neighbor e-mails a councilmember. Within a couple of days the program is back up and running - we can already register and everything. Talk about results. I saw the price was $75. I thought that was what they raised the price to - weekly. Which, BTW, is dirt cheap for the area.

But I had a feeling maybe they didn't raise the fees at all. Looks LOWER. I logged in to be sure, and it was $75 for EIGHT WEEKS. That work out to 47 cents an hour daycare.

Maybe you get what you pay for, but our neighbors have been raving about this program for years. (We have been reluctant to leave the kids outside in the intense summer heat. Indoors would probably be better. Really my only concern, but I guess they keep cool with water play, etc.).

Anyway, I signed both kids up. BM will likely go often, and LM doesn't seem that interested. But, for $75, we can support the program, and he is all signed up if he changes his mind. Would also be good drop-in daycare for mornings, for him.

I doubt dh would want to drive over there every single day, but maybe BM can go 3 times a week or something.

If dh were working, we'd have half the daycare covered, for PENNIES. Which is maybe why I feel a little more gung ho to support it this year. We may really NEED a program like this, for next year.

I highly doubt lunch is covered, but if it is, it will pay for itself. The way my kids eat?

Anyway, my neighbor said many in our neighborhood would gladly pay double to keep the program. In the end, looks like they lowered the price a bit. Look what happens when you ask questions!! Now we can just hope that enough people sign up.

I had noticed the program many moons ago because I thought it was a typo - the price.


With the economy and all, I am trying to be cognizant of costs that I am currently paid in benefits. My boss pays for my continuing education, but seems to get more stingy over the years. I was surprised when another employee mentioned he paid for his own. ???

I actually REALLY enjoy driving and love signing up for classes in the Bay Area. So I can couple those all day seminars with visits with friends and families, etc.

That said, I can save my boss almost $1000 if I just sign up for webcast seminars this year. One of the last ones I went to in San Francisco was broadcast live. Why ask my boss to pay so much, and use all that gas money, when I can get the same thing at work or at home?

So, I asked him and he agreed. I am probably the office guniea pig. I expect to stay home on those days and take over dh's computer (since it seems the best suited for these things). The netbook may be fine, and I can go sit by the pool (LOL) but it's small and the speaker does suck on that one. Will see.

I will probably save more than enough in gas, eating out, bridge tolls, etc., to make up for the $150 I just charged for the kids' summer program. ($75 x 2).

Wala - it's all paid for.

No more quiet drives all alone, but I think I will survive. I can always do those on the weekends instead, once in a blue moon. Just ditch the family and go for a drive. Probably nicer than traveling that around a boring old seminar, anyway. Big Grin

I remember years past packing lunches and pumping milk in my car during breaks. Do you know how nice this option would have been with nursing babies?? Too late for me - hope the new moms enjoy!

Anyway, I am relieved to have a viable/high quality/easy/low cost continuing education program. In case my boss decides to cut me off or my next employer doesn't pay all my CPA expenses.


To cap off my frugal finds, I found a mystery Togo's 2 miles down the street from my work (no one seems to know it was there???)

I noticed that my favorite sandwich was on special on Mondays. So, I went over there today. $5 for sanwich, drink and chips. Sandwich alone is almost $6. I could skip the extras and come out ahead. But figured a soda would be a nice treat for me, and chips for the kids later. One sandwich equals two meals for me.

I usually eat out once a week. Usually to meet up with friends or get a nice lunch date with dh. Monday is kind of ackward since we probably tend to do most our eating out on the weekends. I am usually more in the mood mid-week to break up the schedule a bit and do something different. BUT, today was feeling kind of lazy and thinking, "Meatball sandwich for $5!" Funny - Tuesday is chicken salad on special. My second favorite menu item. Will see how long this lasts.

2 Responses to “47 cents an hour - Daycare”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    WOW! That is really cheap! Congrats on finding it!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hope the kids enjoy it!

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