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Beach Weekend

May 13th, 2011 at 01:13 pm

So much to blog about, so little time.

I've got many thoughts swirling in my head due to events in recent weeks, but it's been BUSY. Not busy busy, but just life busy. *Away from the computer* busy, I guess.

Anyway, my Mother's day wish was a beach hike. Though my #1 choice would be Carmel, it is a 3-hour-drive:

We've lived in Sacramento for almost TEN YEARS at this point. It's time to realize we are northerners and that we have never really explored the north part of the state. I think any travel/adventure is usually dictated primarily by friends and family. Why not go to Carmel and get a visit with our parents? Why not go and catch up with an old friend?

But, we spent last weekend in San Jose (track meet - spent the rest of the day with my parents). Plus, our parents are coming up Sunday, so didn't want to do another big south drive.

I decided to look north - and narrowed it down to Point Reyes or Marin Headlands. Each is about a 2-hour drive. I don't think I have been to either. The truth is the landscape is probably about the same anyway. Beach, vistas, wildlife, wildflowers. Whale watching season too. (Will watch the whales from land this time!).

Point Reyes has an "earthquake trail" along the fault line, but Marin has an animal rehabilitation center that we can visit. So, depends what is more enticing to the rest of the family. Point Reyes would be a better step to exploring up north more.

We still haven't been hiking near as much as I'd like, but LM is warming up to it. Hopefully this will kick start more frequent hiking adventures with our family. (BM would have been happy to be an avid hiker when he was 3, so we have been patiently waiting for LM to be a little more strong and adventurous). He did well on a strenuous hike recently, so here's hoping...

The endless driving continues in the weeks to come. Next week BM has a track meet near San Francisco. I decided that we would probably just go and would have a good chunk of the day to explore San Francisco. (I'll probably take the kids to Fisherman's Wharf - will take the public transport into the city). Hoping I can meet up with some friends while we are there. My favorite part of the city is not as accessible, and the kids really want to take the subway. So, the wharf it probably is!

We have an 80th birthday party to go to the weekend after in another city up north. We had been invited to a relative's hotel (she's got 4 kids) to go swimming, etc. Since dinner is in the evening, probably makes sense to join them and make a day of it. Though at this point, driving doesn't phase us much! We were also considering a morning hike, if we could clean up at their hotel.

So, busy busy busy, indeed.

Gas may not be the cheapest, but we will drive the gas sipper, pack a LOT of food, avoid bridge tolls, and get gas close to home (grocery discounts here). We paid $4.30 for gas last weekend though we have been paying $3.90 at home. The price difference usually isn't like that (heck, we usually have more expensive gas?). We decided to fill up here and avoid those type surprises. If we see cheaper gas we can always top off the tank. I won't hold my breath. Wink I think our gas prices are comparable, but not when factoring our grocery gas discounts (which we've only had a couple of years). Thus, the shock!

The kids only have a few more weeks of school. I can NOT believe it! Boy, the school year just flew! Come August they will both be on the same schedule. We will enjoy it while it lasts (looks like maybe only one year?).

3 Responses to “Beach Weekend”

  1. zetta Says:

    Why are first graders having track meets so far away? At that age surely they could compete with neighboring schools or even just within their own school?

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    How many first graders do you know that do track? Wink It's very regional since there are so few in his age group.

    Yes, high school will be nice! Not so much traveling for these things.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. He's a second grader actually - but, still.

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