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Gourmet Lunch

May 10th, 2011 at 05:41 pm

We finally made it over to the culinary school for lunch today.

For reference, we live within a mile of two culinary schools. One did a fundraiser for the kids' school recently. It was a dinner - the school didn't pay a cent - so 100% funds raised went to the school. Seemed pretty win-win for everyone - the students were so excited to cook for a big crowd.

Well, that dinner was the BEST meal I EVER ate. But it took about 3 hours (so we paid a fortune for babysitting that night!)

Since then, heard about this other culinary school that is open for lunch 2 days a week.

Dh and I met there around 1:00. Almost cancelled our date because today ended up kind of crazy and no one over there was picking up the phone for reservations. I got back to work around 12:00 (out at clients) and dh told me he never got reservations. I called and got them on the first try. They told me we'd have to come after 1:00 - which was fine.

They obviously had a pretty hectic lunch today - I could tell from the sound of the lady who took my reservation.

We probably ended up getting there and getting seated closer to 1:10. There were a few people there, but in the end we got the dining room completely to ourselves for most our meal.

The food was okay. Nothing GREAT, we were in and out in about 45 minutes (3 courses). Plus amuse bouche and some post dinner type amuse bouche. Don't know what the proper term for that would be.

The cost? $10. + tax - so probably $11 in the end. Per person. Tips are voluntary and go to scholarship fund. We didn't tip because we had no cash and didn't realize (until after they swiped our card for the amount of dinner - half way across the building). For next time we know to be better prepared - will totally tip. Tell them ahead of time, or bring cash. Service was great anyway - and was for a good cause.

Dessert was the best course, but the risotto was pretty good to. I ordered halibut and also had an arugula salad with fried goat cheese. Dh had shrimp and ravioli.

I suppose 1:00 is the time to go. Works for us, and seems 12-1 was pretty crowded. They close the doors at 1:30.

I told dh that it wasn't PERFECT, but not bad for the time constraints.

We will definitely be back!


It's amazing the deals we find when we keep our eyes and ears open!

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  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Nice! Big Grin

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