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One for Momcents + SNOW

May 6th, 2011 at 02:10 pm

I'll be dedicating blog posts today, I guess.

Apparently hell has frozen over, because a Kinder field trip was going to be cancelled if they didn't get more chaperones.

Um, since when???

Is this a sign of the times? People too broke to pay for a zoo ticket? (Parents have to pay). Or is it an opposite kind of sign? People are actually employed? Can't get time off work?

I've personally never had any desire to chaperone these things (nothing about being responsible for a bunch of 5-year-olds, appeals to me). BUT, if I wanted to, the opportunities have always seemed pretty scarce. At the kinder level. Some of the moms hog up the chaperone opportunities pretty well.

I was looking forward to a nice leisurely Friday (no kids) and a 3-day weekend, etc. Now I am taking a day off in the middle of the week, instead, to go to the zoo.

Dh is going too, if no one else steps up.

Part of the nice thing of a day off was saving gas. Then I remembered I had a blood donation appointment that evening - across town, of course. Tried to reschedule it, but couldn't. Settled for earlier in the day instead. At least can avoid the traffic.

Kinder chaperone
Giving blood

Not what I had in mind for vacation. Wink

Oh well - all for the greater good.


I am not sure about camp this year:

Word is they don't have any historical record of this much snow so late in the season - not even last year.

Anyway, that's two years in a row of working dang hard to get camp ready, since last year was pretty intense with the snow too. Opens in 6 weeks? I expect there will be some snow when we get there.

Maybe we should take the kids up to the snow this month. The roads should be cleared, etc., and no snow plowing to do at the cabin, but looks like lots of snow to play in!!

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