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April Savings

May 5th, 2011 at 07:07 am

I downloaded the April credit card expenses today. I can't wrap up the month until that is available.

It was weird because several items I expected to come through for April, didn't. Even our health insurance didn't clear by the 3rd. Strange! So I will pay the bill plus the health insurance. Phew! For the best, since it was a spendy month.

I might have time to share the expense side this week - I don't think I have since December or January.

But the savings side is quick and easy:

$1200 to short-term savings (one-time type expenses due within the year)

$415 to mid-term savings + $12 interest

$650 to ROTH + $450 (10% Bonus)

Didn't earn $50 credit card rewards (ROTH) this month, but will next month. Very close to next $50.

$3000 to medical savings (bonus)

Mortgage chips $178: $50/month payroll tax holiday + $100 bonus + $15 Amazon income + $13 insurance refund

It was a SLOW month for Amazon. Summer is always very slow for video game deals and sales.

April was a good month, and I am starting to get optimistic that we will actually hit our $30k cash goal this year! BUT, I won't hold my breath.


That reminds me. I got my Mother's Day gift. I strongly hinted that dh and the kids fix a hole in the wall (caused by a door knob). It's probably been there for years.

At some point dh bought a patch kit, but he lost it! Rolleyes

They poo pooed the idea since we probably won't be home this weekend. I said, "Do it Wednesday - I probably won't even notice - you can surprise me Sunday." The kids get out of school early and no activities, so is our "get things done" day.

They took my advice, but were excited to show me their work. They still have to sand it down and spray some texture over it.

I am happy as a clam.


This means we are on top of all our home maintenance.

I can't help but feel that this means something else is around the corner. There always has to be something, right? Because Murphy has been rather brutal with us recently.

I suppose it's good to be realistic. I have said we bought a new house expecting very low maintenance the first decade. That decision has worked well for us and paid off. We've put very little work or effort into our home. BUT, now that we are 10 years in I Expect more appliance replacements, etc. It's not like the home builder put in top of the line appliances, for one.

Our initial strategy was to utilize the time to save up for future home maintenance. Instead, this ended up being an important strategy to stay home with our kids (no big expenses for many years). It's been interesting, because the last few years have been rather Murphy-filled, but the few years prior to that were kind of opposite - when we had almost half the income. I suppose it works out.

All I know is it is way too quiet and easy at the moment. Wink

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I think you deserve quiet and easy after all you've been through.

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