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January 22nd, 2011 at 09:52 am

Didn't expect I'd be making extra mortgage payments this year. Seemed a distant goal, but so far this year has been going better than expected. (Hope it stays that way?)

I revised my financial goals in my sidebar since I have a $2k tax refund to apply to the IRAs & an extra $50/month for the mortgage.

Dh received $20 for his birthday (from his Grand Dad in Florida). I asked him if he wanted to spend it or put it to the mortgage. (Honestly, usually I take birthday money to pay the bills, Lately, it seems, anyway). I wouldn't have cared if he actually wanted to enjoy the money, but he chose the mortgage. (If I had asked ROTH or spend, he'd choose spend). I am realizing that he is much more on board with paying off the mortgage. It is what it is, but I think we will do better than I expect this year, with him more willing to scrounge a few dollars here and there for the mortgage.

He just hates debt so much and the more I talk about the mortgage and show him how little principal we pay every month, the more motivated he seems.


I paid the bills for February. I wanted to lock in the mortgage payment for February, but since January hasn't posted yet, I will wait a week or 2.

I added $50 from income, dh's $20, and $3 of rounding. An extra $73 for the February payment. It's in Quicken so I don't forget.


All the money I would usually put to savings in February is going to my surgery (& then some). I paid a $2k deposit (on the card) and one of these days they will bill me $1k for the rest of our deductible. It's done.

So, not much progress to show for January/February, but GLAD I have the cash.

2 Responses to “Unexpected”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    That's great you are both on board to getting the mortgage paid down.

  2. Savings Queen Says:

    Congrats on watching that mortgage balance go down! It's a great feeling!

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