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January 21st, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Dh just sold a pile of toys for $35.

Not bad!

Actually, he just wanted to put it all up for free. Which, usually I am fine with. Rather be decluttered than spend the time to sell a bunch of low-worth items. BUT, I felt one of the toys could easily fetch $20+, so I asked him to try and sell that one.

He put them all up and offered $35 for the lot (or more, bought separately).

Took about a day to sell. Phew!

He is keeping the money for game buying/selling, BUT expects a $100 sale with his recent game purchase. He can at least give me $50 of that - to the mortgage. He also sold enough already this month to pay for our $50 charity dinner. I guess January is a good month.

Since we plan to put a lot into our ROTHs this year (will see), we had talked of putting this extra money to chip at the mortgage this year (goal to get below $200k - need an extra $3k or so to do so). With this goal in mind, will probably be more likely to send small extra payments in throughout the year.


I am still feeling great and Doctor says if my mood/energy level hasn't been affected yet, it probably won't be. But testing my thyroid levels in a few weeks to be sure. He still thinks I should rest and my thyroid is swelling a lot today, so I am taking heed. I know I have the energy level for work - I just hope it is not too stressful. The difference will be night and day when I return (absolutely nothing to do at home versus crazy busy at work due to both the time of year and my absence). I am planning to ease in mid-week with a couple of half days (before my clients know I am back and bombard me).

I'm almost done with my second 800-page book and will probably put the series down after that so I can get something done. I've only got a couple of days left and have some stuff I should get done around here, before I go back to work.

For some, TV makes them feel unproductive and lazy, but for me it is reading. I don't sit in front of the TV for HOURS like I do when I can't put down a book. But, it's been a good diversion to help the time pass. I am just not sure how committed I am to the next 2 books, during tax season. More time after.

Dh is probably annoyed I haven't been much in the mood to watch hours of TV - I have watched little.


I do admit I have been a little stir crazy. I am sure dh will be pleased when I return to work because I have been grumbling about my honey do list and seems to me that dh exaggerates how *busy* he really is. As such, I am sure I have been a wee bit naggy.

All that said, I know myself quite well. There isn't much about full retirement (not working at all) that appeals to me. For a day or two I might have lashed out at dh a bit, but by day 3, 4, 5, I just wished I was back at work. I am sick of everyone telling me how awesome it must be to get all this time off work.

I know that the average person thinks it is great to stay home all day, but unfortunately (or fortunately) that is not me. As such, when I get back to work I will be glad to be back (& grateful dh can attend to the tedium at home).

Last time I was home for a time (months, actually) was when LM was born. That was completely different. I enjoyed staying home, but I probably felt a lot better and kept far more busy. Now both kids are in school so there isn't much left to do around the house. Being a classroom helper or anything like that is very low on my list of desires.


In financial news, my paycheck (net) was bigger than expected. All I told dh was that this year was going to be TIGHT, but then with all these tax breaks, it isn't really tight at all.

I revised the "budget" and decided to add $50/month to the mortgage.

Short term saving remains at $1200/month (should be more than ample).

I revised mid term savings from $400 to $415/month (for an even $5k per year - just about).

I revised the ROTH from $625/month to $650. Essentially up to a full 10% of gross.

How quickly I can return to work full force (& earn overtime) determines the fate of the rest of the year, I suppose.


Dh and I did have a talk about him looking for work this year. He has been trying to volunteer more at the TV station (where he wishes to get a job). After our talk he tried again and immediately got a reply from a high up at the station who has already said he would like to hire him (if he could get the budget). I think it is awesome if *he* knows how much time dh has and what kind of other work he can do.

Anyway, the fact that this particular person is going to somewhat oversee or assign dh's volunteer work, is a very good sign. For one, there is a lot of work to be done (no one else can coordinate volunteers?). Secondly, he already expressed interest in hiring him, when dh told him he would have more time during the week, before. So, will see!

Our discussions of him working have little to do with our current finances (should be a really good year). But, I just told him I would really appreciate him finding a job so that I have more flexibility to transition to a new workplace. My boss may retire any minute. If I stay depends on if I have the choice and who takes over. At current, no one wants to take over, and past candidates were many I would not want to work for. So dh will volunteer while I brush up my resume. No point in him actually looking for work until summer is over. We had already agreed he would not work the first year the kids were in school. I thought it would be a tougher year (it hasn't been), but tax season and summer are hard times to think of jumping back into the workforce. Hopefully job prospects are better come fall. They are currently pretty darn slim. I think volunteering and making more contacts is his best use of time, at current.

2 Responses to “+$35”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good to hear that you're feeling well.

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    That's great! Declutter AND make money...doesn't get any better than that!

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