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Computer Doings

November 7th, 2010 at 10:28 am

**I was annoyed when dh seemed to write off my old laptop, and then the second I replaced it, he wiped the thing clean and set it up with some kid friendly installation. (Was trying Linux or whatever that free operating system is). HE set it up with passwords and child controls, so the kids could do some of their online stuff.

I was annoyed because he could have just fixed it for ME! Rolleyes

But, it has turned out useful since BM's teacher bought some software program - he can do all the math stuff online from home.

So, I was annoyed, but I suppose it works. I have come to much prefer the netbook for my own purposes.

Anyway, I attended a seminar that focused on free and inexpensive computer gadgets, internet resources, etc. Today, I was setting up the kids for their spanish class website, and both kids wanted to use the computer.

We do have the "oldest hand-me-down" in my *office* at the top of the stairs (since taken over by the kids). Our hand-me-down system is thrown off since one of our newer computers bit the dust 2-3 years ago. No plans to replace another any time soon. The old one isn't even functional at this point - though it sits there. I suppose its non-function is why dh got the laptop all set up for them.

At the seminar, speaker mentions good refurbished computers on Overstock.com - $250 price range. That perked up my ears. I'd buy one today to get that set up back up and running.

I was trying to convince dh, and finally said, "Anything is better than what we have up there!" He just wasn't very gung ho on going cheap.

So, he's up there wiping it clean and re-installing everything. Big Grin Who knew I'd just have to threaten to spend some money, for him to fix what we already have?

The computer is 8 years old - darn it - we can get a few more years out of it.

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