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Credit Update

November 4th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

**I got my new Fidelity card set up. 2% of all purchases to my ROTH IRA account. Pretty sweet.

**Target also called me today to verify that I am me.

Both cards will arrive in about a week. Then it's on to dumping the old. (Target - will save 5% on all Target purchases).

**I logged onto Credit Karma today. IT says my oldest OPEN credit account is almost 8 years old. Probably my State Farm.

There is a credit score simulator on there. I simulated if I closed my oldest account. (I actually plan to close that one and a 3 or 4yo card). It said, "WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER - THIS IS BAD FOR YOUR CREDIT SCORE." (Something along those lines, anyway). Then it simulated my score and told me it would be 805 instead of 810.


I wasn't worried about it before, and am even less worried about it now.

{NOTE: I have always made it a habit to close an old credit card every time I opened a new one - which I do often to chase rewards. Anyway, it's kind of my pet peeve when lenders and the media scare people with great credit scores from ever closing an old card - it's kind of ludicrous if you ask me. Since recent identity theft, I feel more strongly about not keeping a pile of unused cards out there - just more to track and worry about.}


In surgery news, my biopsy is in 2 weeks. (Sounds less fun by the minute!) Took forever to get it scheduled. I finally just called and asked for my appointment - tired of waiting. My ultrasounds for "nothing" was done within 48 hours. Biopsy is more complex I guess, but can't help but wonder when they would ever call me, otherwise. Was getting rather frustrated.

It's in 2 weeks. I need to do lab work exactly one week before. & a pile of instructions. Plus, I can't drive myself home, which makes me wonder what I have gotten into. (I thought I was just getting a fine needle biopsy which is suppose to be very simple). I kind of figure ignorance is bliss, so I don't think I will ask much. Just show up and get 'er done. I really don't need to know all the gory details.

1 Responses to “Credit Update”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Oh - I didn't know about that simulator! I'll have to check that out next time I log in.

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