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October 18th, 2010 at 07:17 am

**Dh's air conditioning is fixed, which has signaled the arrival of fall.

We visited family over the weekend, and were wary to drive home in the first rain. (You always hear the stories about slick roads, but last year dh spun out on the first rain, so we were a little extra wary). It doesn't rain here all summer - it could have been 6 months since it rained, easily, which is why the roads get so slick.

When we got home, we turned off the front sprinklers (I just flip them off and on as rain comes through - last year was unique in that we got so much rain I don't think we needed to irrigate all winter). Average rainfall is 20 inches per year - not a lot.

Knowing the temps would drop this week, I turned up the hot water a wee bit.

I suppose I should evaluate the pants and warm clothing situation (kids). I just haven't thought about it at all because it has been so HOT! It's been in the 90s, until yesterday.


**Fall is always my big kind of "spring clean" mode, so I welcome the cool weather and hope it motivates me soon. I've lost most of October, so hopefully November will be a good "get things done" kind of month!


I offered to make some pumpkin pie play dough for the Kinder class. I had no idea what "pumpkin pie spice" was, but found it for about $5.50 at the grocery store (after a long search). I was picking up just a couple of other things and looked while I was there. I didn't realize until I got to the parking lot that the tiny little container was missed - not on my receipt nor on my bag.

I figured it was for the best - maybe I could just borrow some.

MIL didn't have any but told me it was just cimmanom, nutmeg, allspice, etc. I felt "duh," when she told me because we tend to mix our own spices. But, I didn't know what it was. Mental note to look that up next time. I found a simple recipe on the internet - all with spices we did have on hand.

Then, my mom (non-cook) actually found some, and it still had a strong smell to it. (I wouldn't be surprised if it was 20 years old!) I think in this case, it is just for the fragrance (since the kids won't eat the play dough!) In the end, MIL found some too, and neither of them wanted it so now I have tons of pumpkin spice for next time. Big Grin Way to save $5!

I can't help but think this is one of those things where people don't understand if you "have money," why you would be so "cheap." Whereas, why would I have money, if I didn't try to cut costs like these down. All I Could think is, "What have I gotten myself into," when I Saw that like an ounce of pumpkin spice was almost $6. Ouch!


**The weekend was nice. We took the kids to a zoo/park that we have membership at (in San Jose). We spent some time with their cousins (who we never seem to see. It seems we have been spending a lot more time with their second cousins, but first cousins are always so busy). & they had a blast. We need to make more of that time.

I think with our parents retiring, we have cut back significantly on the visits. For a time it seems many weekend were spent traveling to see family. IT can get exhausting (As this weekend was). BUT, I don't remember the last time we visited just to visit. It's been a long while. I think our schedule gets busier every year, and our parents' get less busy, and we are doing less of the driving to visit. Phew!

Dh's dad is officially retiring in about 3 months. (Holding on for some better benefits - he has almost been laid off 2 or 3 times, so crossing our fingers he can make the final stretch).

MIL is retired, but working a lot. Tutoring, subbing, babysitting, etc. I kind of dreaded the day (she is so in everyone's business), but I think she works more than before. Kind of funny, I think. But she is happier with all the control. & obviously teaching is a much tougher/time consuming job, overall.

My dad is just a few months in his new job, but the place is shutting down in a few months. Boo! So, come 2011, none of our parents will be working again. My dad wants to work, and will continue to look for more work. The jobs are far and few in between with his age, any more (he turns 60 next year. But it's been like this since he turned about 55. HE had never been laid off any length of time before the past 5 years or so).

Both dh's parents retired (will retire) at 62.

My mom *retired* in her 20s, and my dad would work forever if he could! But, it is looking like 62 may be a magical number for him, too. Maybe younger. I don't know if he will find much more work in his field.

2 Responses to “FALL”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Yikes on the pumpkin pie spice! There's a discount chain store near me that sells spices for 88 cents. You might even be able to find that in the spice section of a dollar store! Never, ever buy spices at a grocery store. Too expensive!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is expensive! I'm glad you were able to find both an alternative recipe, plus lots of pre-made spice from mom and mil.

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