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Finances in Order - Part 2

October 7th, 2010 at 08:40 am

Just noticed someone moving into a house which had been on the market for MANY years. Maybe 2-3. I don't know - the house has been clearly empty forever.

Bank owned - was asking about $250k. With a little digging, I found that it sold for $193k.

A lot of the same model houses sold in a flash when priced at $199k (which meant bidding wars and final sales prices around $220k at times).

Some of the banks have been kind of slow - and living in some sort of dream world. THough, certainly not all of them have been like that.

Guess this one finally woke up.


My finances were mostly in order, but when I went to transfer money to my savings account, I was locked out of the account.

Which, of course, worried me a bit. I figured out that Quicken had been unable to retrieve data the last week or so, and so assumed that maybe that is why my account got locked.

So, I begrudgingly called today (not my favorite thing to do). This is a large credit union, and I immediately talked to someone, and had the problem solved in about a minute. They beat Chase, because I didn't have to sit on hold for a long time or deal with those "say yes" systems which never work.

OF course, when I Called today, I realized the phone service was 24/7. So I could have taken care of it last night! Will have to remember for next time. (We called Chase Saturday, on the contrary) and they told us they couldn't help us until Monday. Kind of obnoxious).

If you want to know why I solely bank at credit unions. (Consider big banks for credit cards, on occasion, but that's about it).

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