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Finances in Order

October 6th, 2010 at 06:21 pm

**I'll give it to Chase. The only reason I have a credit card with them is for their generous cash rewards. I consider them kind of the scum of the earth, along with all the other banks, otherwise.

But, I accidentally paid the wrong Chase credit card, and got dinged with $70 interest/late fees. Ouch! Any other time, I'd notice sooner, but I Was in Hawaii and not checking my account balances!

Dh got that squared away today, very easily. Phew. Makes you think how quickly all that stuff can add up. I am usually blissfully unaware of interest charges and fees. It was kind of insane.

On my online bill pay, I wrote DO NOT USE in "caps" for that bill. It's dh's old ancient/card and I leave it up there so I see if there are every any charges to it. Hopefully that will work.


**Dh finally got around to depositing my paycheck from October 1. Phew! (I picked it up on Monday). Had some bills set to pay on Friday.


**I got the American Express bill, so paid it off. We await all our rewards, and then will cancel the card after they arrive. Was good to make sure that was taken care of. I hate keeping track of more than one card with charges on it!


**I had my MRI today. A few people asked when I would hear back. I Said, "No news is good news!"

All I can say is, never get an MRI on your arm. The most uncomfortable experience ever. 45 minutes in that thing!

But yeah -they just had me in a really uncomfortable position, and I couldn't move my arm afterwards, for a bit. My arm went numb about 30 minutes in. They scanned me for almost an hour (did the contrast dye and all that).

OF course, they praised me for staying so still and getting through it, "especially with a bum arm." Thankfully, my arm feels totally fine. I really felt bad for anyone who had to do that with painful arm maladies. Seems like they could make it a little more comfortable. Big Grin


I can't help but notice that dh has been procrastinating about his own MRI. *sigh* Kind of want to kick him in the butt!


My other doctor appointment got delayed 3 weeks. Ugh! Doctor was sick, and it is apparently very hard to get into the head/neck department. (Generally, we can get into see any Doctor pretty quickly).

I can't say I was sad to skip the appointment. I wasn't feeling great Monday. Doc was sick. I returned to work and some major germs had been making the rounds. Ugh! I have been trying to avoid all the germs.

Just annoyed I have to wait 3 more weeks.


If it's not overly serious, I expect to hear about my MRI results next week. If I get a phone call sooner, I will know to worry!

1 Responses to “Finances in Order”

  1. marvholly Says:

    I hyad the same experience w/my discover card-paid the wrong account. Had a really nice CSR who transferred the payment and voided the late fee & interest.

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