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Financial Goals Update

October 3rd, 2010 at 09:51 am

Well, I had time to pay all the October bills and see how much I needed for the credit cards, etc.

We hit the $24k cash mark, which we may or may not have hit recently. I have been treading water at about $22k all year (goal is $30k - saving $1k per month - just one thing after another this year with expenses though!)

I don't think it's as good as it sounds. A lot of big bills are due in December, and not much in the interim, so our cash balance builds up a bit before the 12/31 landslide of bills. We get an extra $1k flood insurance bill this year, to boot. (Plus, BM still needs over $1k in dental work).

So, I think I Will be lucky to end the year at $22k. Ugh!


As such, for my 2010 goals, I have only been tracking how much I put away. Not how much spending I have been doing from the savings account for what will go down as probably our most expensive year ever (medical bills, if nothing else).

My goal was $11k to savings, and I am up to about $12,400 now. I was going to put the extra cash (above $11k) at the end of the year to my ROTH, but now I don't feel comfortable doing that. I am just going to wait until the end of the year and see how everything pans out. I may delay the IRA funding until March.

My goal was to put $4080 to my IRA, of which I only put $1080 for the year.

I am expecting $2k in tax refunds with the way the year has been (plenty of medical deductions). I didn't change my withholding because it was just a really unique year. What would usually be breakeven will be $2k back with all the medical and dental deductions.

So, I expect to put that into my ROTH. I think I can swing the last $1k from savings, this year.

The other good thing (knock on wood, because the year isn't over) is I decimated my long-term cash savings account at the beginning of the year for our new medical out-of-pocket amount - $6k. I transferred that out and expected to spend it on medical bills. In the end, they seem to only be charging pennies above our $3k deductible, so I am starting to be optimistic that I already have a good $3k set aside for next year. (Though cautiously optimistic since I have a slew of medical tests coming up. What a year!).

I think I will revise my cash goal to $25k (I give up on $30k), and will start maxing out my IRA after that point. Dh may be able to fund his own IRA next year, so I won't sweat it too much at the moment. It's somewhat ironic that after so many years of him not working, that this is by far our worst retirement contribution year. It is also by far the most expensive year we have ever had. (Between that and losing my work retirement benefits - it's just been a bad year). Ample planning makes it seem like "no big deal," but I am stressed about being prepared for the next obstacles to come our way. That's life - there is always something.

1 Responses to “Financial Goals Update”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Think of all the good things from the year to help with your anxiety AND you handled all the difficult stuff really well.

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