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It Pays to be Multi Regional...

June 18th, 2009 at 11:19 am

I was just ordering our season passes, online, for the water park, when I decided to check the San Jose location to see if their season passes were priced differently. On a whim.

Wouldn't you know - they were far more expensive.

It will pay to buy them in Sacramento, though we will probably actually frequent the San Jose one more (his parents live right by the park and they can watch LM so we can do more big slides, etc. Plus we could literally walk over and avoid parking fees, etc).

In general, Sacramento tickets are cheaper for everything, since it is a MUCH LOWER cost of living area. Often we buy tickets here and are able to enjoy a lot of things in the Bay Area. For example, our zoo membership gets us into many Bay Area zoos. But we always check around which zoo membership is the best deal, etc.


Anyway, today I completed a long put off chore. We opened a trust savings account so we could deposit our property tax refund.

It took about an hour.

What a way to spend a vacation day - blech. But could use the $$ for all the activity this month. Yay!


Now I have to go buy tickets for tomorrow - another $100+. Ouch. It hurts to buy them all at once. But cheaper to buy online, and we have saved up the cash.

I am not opposed to spending the money, but it still hurts to drop $300 on TWO DAYS of activity. The decision was easy - paying the bill is hard! Oh yeah - well the water ones are season passes. We will have to get our use out of them. That makes it easier.

2 Responses to “It Pays to be Multi Regional...”

  1. sweetmama Says:

    Catching up on the past few posts..What cruise line were you looking at? We have been interested in an Alaskan cruise for a few years. About camping...One of our family's fav places is Burney Falls area. Good camping at the park or really good tent camping at a private campground several miles down the road. Herford Ranch - level grass sites under big trees. The other plus is you can visit Lassen Nat'l. Nice places to camp there also.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    No cruise line in particular.

    I will take note of the camping ideas!

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