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Free Summer Activities

June 17th, 2009 at 08:01 am

I just marked up my calendar with free summer activities.

Unfortunately, most the library activities coincide with swim lessons and vacation, etc. We might make ONE event. But the kids will get free tickets to a pro basketball game - so that will be fun. (Though it will cost us money to go with them! Will see how much it costs).

I put all the free movies (@ theater) on the calendar. Not sure how I feel about spoiling the kids with a trip to the movie theater every week - hehe. I doubt they will go to them all though. (Just don't want them to expect it / get used to it).

Beyond that, we will probably spend a lot of time at the pool.


Yesterday, our ROCK BAND arrived.

I probably sound like a broken record, but this is a perfect example of our style. We have friends who think we are very deprived because we don't run out and grab all the newest games, etc.

I remember literally, when Rock Band first came out, everyone was going on and on and on about it. & I said I was "saving my pennies for it" since it looked fun. & they just looked at me like I was crazy. LOL.

Yeah, that one really stands out in my mind. Particularly since of course, these are the same people who are always broke and have no money. Which is why they can't comprehend how "Monkey Mama with all the money is too cheap to buy Rock Band."

It felt like that was ages ago, but it appears it first came out in late 2007. So we have maybe only waited 18 months or 2 years (feels longer).

I don't see what's deprived about waiting 2 years, and paying 25% full price. Big Grin We will have just as much fun with it. While everyone else is playing Rock Band 2. We will get that one in a couple of years I guess.

Dh found it new online for $50, with shipping and all. This was one we could never find a good deal used. Too popular. Anyway, I know the price was "close" to $200 when it first came out. We got all the instruments, and the game, for $50. Woohoo.

& yes, it is FUN! Too much for the kids, but fun for us adults. We will have to play it when they are asleep or something.


Yesterday was pretty exhausting. I felt like "Mr. Mom."

If I have to hear one more time - "That is not how Daddy does it!!!" & I didn't think to bring video games to occupy LM during BM's karate class. Oh well!

But yeah, this afternoon preschool sucks. Eat lunch early, drive to preschool. Come home for 1.5 hours (which was NICE and quiet), then pick up BM. Come home for 1/2 hour. Pick up LM. Went straight to karate because I was sick of coming home for short periods of time. We played at the park there and walked through the rose garden - before class - I will share pictures later.

Dh showed up mid-way through karate so I could go to aerobics.

That was sort of my last hectic day. Maybe not. Today I have to run to work to get my paycheck. Will eat lunch early so we can check out the science museum. It doesn't open until 12, but will have to leave at 2 to run to the bank and pick up BM, etc. We are more going just to check it out, since LM is free. See if we all should go sometime.

In the afternoon/evening we have nothing planned. Will probably go swimming - it's getting hotter. Which is fine for all our water activities planned the next 2 days. I really appreciated the first half of the week being much more mild. & even now we are only looking at 80/90 degrees, which I can deal with. Phew.


Yesterday I was domestic and we had french toast for breakfast. French toast and watermelon (courtesy of Grandma).


Yesterday, I quickly cleaned my car (not very well - in the daylight I saw I missed some spots with the vacuum!). But at least it looks better. In the past my car can get pretty filthy, but there really wasn't much to clean up. Vacuuming and dusting was all.

I cleaned up my bedroom. I just find either I don't have a lot of energy, or I am way more behind than I realized on house cleaning. I picked up all the clothes off the dressers, etc. & that was really about it. Not that I didn't do more - but that is really all the progress I made.

I did clear out the living room - but that one was easy. I clean it often enough - I mostly had to put away all our camping stuff.

I figured cleaning the bedroom would be easy (not a lot to it) and I may tackle the master closet. (A goal in my sidebar). But there was just no way. Not enough energy or time.

I decided to work on just general house cleaning today. Clear the piles off the kitchen counter and the dining table. It won't take very long and won't be so exhausting. Maybe file bills (I maybe have 3-6 months to file - I just throw them in a pile until I file them every so often).

If the house is decent, this will leave things like scrubbing the floors, clearing the master closet, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning the kids' rooms - as future weekend projects.

But it would be nice to have the house presentable for guests. I think that's part of the problem - we haven't had guests in a while!

But I have been literally been cleaning 2 hours a day. I basically saved myself a full Saturday or something of cleaning. Phew. Tomorrow is busy but I have all morning so will try to do 2 hours tomorrow. Dh will be home too which will be nice.

Oh yeah - he earned $250 worth of Scholastic books (games, toys, etc.). Good lord, he bought a lot of crap. He will donate his $120 voucher today to the school. (I think I'd reverse that and spend $120 and donate the $240. If it were me!) We really need to go through and donate some old books. Our house is turning into a book museum.

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