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Manic Monday

June 16th, 2009 at 08:07 am

The funny thing yesterday is I petered out pretty quickly and was feeling un-accomplished. But if I add it all up, I guess it adds up to a busy/accomplished day.

**I cleaned the fridge. The only thing I really threw out was soda. AND I was impressed how un-dirty it really was since I hadn't cleaned it in a few years (maybe 2005, last?). The shelves in the door were another story. As I marveled how clean the fridge kept itself, I got to the shelves last - filthy! Mental note - pull those out and clean a little more often - all the fridge seems to need.

I did find 2 dead flies in there. Lovely!

**I dusted some blinds (feather duster was easy and effective). Was probably a first. The blinds in the kitchen were covered in filth and were hard work to wipe (Particularly lower and closer to the counter/sink). I flipped them around to see the back and they were pristine but for all the dust. I figured I better work on the dust - which meant I ended up going through most the house dusting blinds.

I dusted a few other things while I had the feather duster out.

**I dusted our 2 ceiling fans. The downstairs wood-finish one was filthy. The upstairs white one barely had any dust. I found that funny - I wondered if the white paint repelled dust. I think we need a white one downstairs too! Wink

**I washed everyone's bed sheets, plus our mattress pad and comforter. The comforter is still air drying - that one maybe gets washed once every few years.

I finally remembered to take the flannel blanket off LM's bed. The rest of us took off our blankets ages ago - it has been so hot.

**LM took a nap and I did veg out and watch some TV. I probably would have napped, myself (I love myself a 1:00 nap), but I didn't want to sleep through school pickup time! Which means I am not sure if I will get one nap during my time off. Bah!

**We picked up the car in the evening. Mechanic thought it needed a new EGR valve, with the computer code. But it did not fix the problem. He thinks we need a new computer and that if we are forceful enough, the dealer should replace it for free. (California has some pretty long emissions warranty, and this would be covered, even though we bought the car as-is - the emissions warranty stays with the car).

He could fix it for $800. Ugh!!!!

We'll go to the dreaded dealer.

He said the car was fine but we won't pass smog until it is fixed. Unfortunately, I don't remember smogging the car and I have owned it 3 years, so it's probably due later this year. Figures.

The last car I had was a 1993 model. I know it had a "computer," but it was before cars got so overly computerized. The van has never had any mechanical problems (knock on wood) and I wouldn't expect any since it is a 2005 model. BUT the computer issues are pricey and never ending. We already replaced some computer part in the $800 range. Unfortunately, feel stuck with the thing for now.

Dh's car will officially hit 100k miles this week. & all I can think of now is how we will probably replace the van sooner than his 2001 vehicle. Figures.

**We prepared birthday invitations for everyone in BM's class. We decided on Chuck E Cheese because it is EASY! We just show up with cupcakes, and will buy tokens and food for whoever shows up. I don't think it could get any easier.

Dh had some coupons for 100 tokens for $10 (or something along those lines). They are usually a quarter each - so he said he would stock up once or twice before the party, with his coupons. Smart!

Anyway, we realized with only 3 more days of school, we better get on it. BM helped me and did a great job. We still have to figure out who we will invite from LM's class, but there is no "end of year" deadline there. Phew.

We may be crazy though. I really don't expect everyone to show up. We had maybe 5 friends they wanted to invite in addition. We had an extra invitation so I told BM he could invite his favorite friend that isn't in his class. He decided on a 1st grader that I had never heard of.

Dh is still insisting on the family party. He usually does all the work, so oh well. All I have is my parents, but he has about 15 close family members around here. I guess I see why he cares about it more. But I think it's kind of overkill. I mean do they really all want to drive up here in the 110 heat? I think they would get over it if we skipped it. Wink The kids' birthday is always on some miserably hot day.

**Dh bought Rockband because he saw an awesome sale on Amazon, through another vendor. He had been watching the price go down as they clear out the "old ones." Well, like the next day they lowered the price $10. He was griping and telling me he didn't know what to do. I suggested calling and asking for a price match. He said they didn't have a phone # and he doubted an online store would price match. He ended up e-mailing them to ask for a $10 credit for a future purchase, at the least, and instead they immediately refunded $10.

Just another, "It never hurts to ask" point.

**We want to go to Gilroy Gardens this week. It is a little amusement park for smaller kids. Gilroy is a little town about half hour south of San Jose.

The story, that I know, is a wealthy guy built the park around his dreams. His passion was trees and plants and he wanted to build this non-profit theme park to teach kids about plants, etc. He was actually one of our clients at my last firm and we were auditing the place very early on - during construction. So I spent a lot of time there and saw the place being built. So I heard about this little gem long before most people, and I actually have pictures somewhere of it during the construction process.

They had built these beautiful gardens, and we got personal tours of the whole place. He had also built a residence there.

In the long run, I think the place mostly failed and they sold it to the city. It has since seemed to be revived.

Anyway, I was just remembering the cute little park we went to. We actually had a company picnic there after it opened, etc. I don't think I had ever been there outside of work.

BUT, I was checking out the website yesterday, and holy cow! I was completely overwhelmed by everything there. They have added SO MUCH stuff. I am not sure if a day will even scratch the surface. Will see. We may look into season passes next year.


Today I will probably work on chores in the a.m. The thing about this type of spring cleaning is I don't "see" a lot of progress. I figure I can generally find time to clean the house though and so I want to focus on those things I never do. Even though the house needs a clean. Not sure I have the energy to "do it all!"

1 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    lol about your cleaning out the fridge. it's odd - my mum seems to have a very weird and overbearing obsession with cleaning (well - making us kids do it mostly) so the whole of my teenage years i remember getting in trouble if i didn't get up early on saturday mornings to clean the fridge before my mum and her partner arrived home with all the veges for the week from the produce markets. when i moved out of home (thank god for that) i realised you didn't actually HAVE to clean the fridge every week. the only times i have cleaned them is when we moved, because they don't actually get dirty as i thought. lol.

    *sigh* i had a weird childhood...

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