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Still on Staycation

June 15th, 2009 at 09:13 am

I am exhausted from the weekend. It was fun, but exhausting!!! Campout, BBQ, swimming all weekend, etc. Lots of fresh air though.

Dh is working for free books at Scholastic. We dropped the car off at the shop. I let him have the other car since all I need is a trip to the drugstore and to pick BM at school (both within walking distance).

& those are literally the only 2 things we have withing walking distance, so phew.

The weather is cooperating quite well too - divine spring-like weather. Hopefully it will get me in spring cleaning mode.

I told LM I would clean house until noon (all those little things I never get around to), then lunch, nap, and pick up brother.

WE have to pick up the car when dh is done around 4:30, and I offered to take BM to his karate class @5.

So much for relaxing!!! This was not exactly how I planned my staycation. Wink I didn't know dh would be "working" all week - bah.

But I am sure I will feel accomplished, and I will definitely enjoy the weather and the change in pace. Thankfully BM (the exhausting one) is in school. LM is content to play in the corner while I spring clean. When I get my car back we will get out and do a little more though. I won't ignore him all week! Wink


Dh picked up a free new cell phone for me. Free after rebate anyway. Forgot we had to pay sales tax. Still an awesome deal.

It's really just about the same as my old phone but it is black (my fave color) and just looks cooler. Everyone keeps asking me what new features I have though. & funny enough, I think none.

It has a memory card in it so I can take pictures and get them off the phone, for free. Woohoo. It's probably a better camera than my old one. I am excited and will definitely be sharing more photos here. I just don't carry around our "bulky" camera much, so I am excited about this. There is so often I would love to take a picture of this and that. Like, the turkeys at work or the beautiful drive I often take to my aerobics class, etc.

The phone also has bluetooth - but doubt I will use that.

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