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More Purchases

June 12th, 2009 at 05:07 pm

**Dh got Rock Bank on deep discount (new). Well, will arrive next week. Big Grin

**I found a new home for our old light bulbs - woohoo. I asked a neighbor (just been lazy and hadn't gotten that far yet). We have a pile of original 2001 light bulbs from when house was new. We replaced with CFLs. (& these are the lights we use fairly often - some of our light bulbs will last decades. WE didn't replace the zillion barely used bulbs in the house).

**Reminds me, Ebay sales picking up again. Craigslist has been a wasteland. Not so many people getting rid of things for super cheap any more. Between that and the whole thing with my dad's health (Was crazy for a while in there), dh has probably not made a sale (or a good purchase) in 6 weeks. BUT he sold something today.

He showed up to buy something earlier this week, a DS, and it was literally held together with duct tape. LOL. That is what is priced low to sell these days. I can't quite put my finger on the economy. Maybe people are more desparate and asking for higher prices to begin with.

Needless to say, he passed on that DS.

**DH also spent $50 on green paint and lights. Out garage is half way to being a production studio.

**I tend to upgrade my cell phone every 4 years. I got a decent "free" offer today (& it has been about 4 years). We usually do not take the "crappy" free phones. We usually take the $30-$50 phones. IT may be free, but I don't like the idea of throwing away a phone every year or 2. But it was a good sale. Dh read the fine print and told me it was my dad's phone that the offer was for. Um, HELLO? Everyone on our phone plan got a new phone this year, but ME! LOL. Dh said he could probably get it for me anyway - he will try. FREE Sounds good to me. I think my odds are good considering I haven't upgraded in 4 years.

Of course we renew our contract for 2 more years (Verizon). We have had them for over 10 years - shopped around numerous times - I don't see us changing. Contract is a fomrality any more. Our plan is uber reasonable now that we have added my parents.

**With low prices I have been perusing airfare to various locations, and cruises, etc.

I was pricing Alaskan cruises and was surprised they were only a few hundred dollars per person (out of Seattle - which is perfect for us - we could drive up there in a day).

Anyway, a friend just told me he went on an Alaskan cruise, so I asked him which cruise it was. Wouldn't you know, out of San Francisco? I didn't even think to look - no idea we had cruises sailing from our backyard.

SO, I looked it up, and almost fell over by the price. 2 times as much, at least!

I double checked the Seattle cruises - couldn't believe my eyes. YEs, same cruise and everything, 50% off out of Seattle.

So, sailing out of SF means an extra $1k total and an extra 2-3 days at sea.

OR we could just spend 2 days driving, spend like $60 on gas and $200 (at most) on 2 hotel stays).

Time certainly becomes a consideration with these things, BUT the SF start wouldn't save us time - it would take MORE time. Plus I'd rather drive than cruise, personally. & the drive up the coast is gorgeous, I might add.

I think we will sail from Seattle...

It's tempting, because Alaska cruise is something we have always wanted to do, and it will probably be a little cheaper than Hawaii, in the end.

BUT, the sunny beaches of Hawaii sounds about 10 times more appealing to me.

All I know is I want to splurge for our anniversary, next year. Hawaii and Alaska are now the front runners. (& funny how they are so like opposite. Both beautiful though, no doubt about it).

Will see...

1 Responses to “More Purchases”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    my contract runs out every 24 months with my phone, and they offer you a free one with another 24 month plan here. i've got another 12 months to go on this plan and i am pretty happy with my phone so i will probably keep it for another year after that - by then they will probably be giving out iphones free with plans Big Grin (at the moment they are free with an $80 per month plan, not a $50 per month plan which i have)

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