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A Quick Update...

March 12th, 2009 at 01:42 pm

**Work is a little crazy. I don't think it is a bad year in particular though. Doesn't make it any less crazy. Wink

**I splurged and took the kids to IHOP on a whim Monday night after tee ball practice. NO ONE was there. Our rare lunch/weekend trips out show little slowdown, but WOW. So much for a week night. Tried to leave a nice tip. (Dh was volunteering).

**BM had a more advanced karate class Tuesday night. Oh, he LOVED it. Oh boy. My plan was to dabble in tee ball, soccer, piano and continue karate this year. From there let him narrow down what he likes. I guess good thing sports are seasonal. HE LOVES everything. He's like me - "Jack of many trades; Master of None." Pretty much. I think odds are stacked against piano. Which is too bad. One of the few things I have mastered, and I want the kids to learn to read music, etc. Excellent foundation for the future. But yeah, I don't want to have an activity every night either. Kindergarten has been so intense that we put off the piano thing. Thinking summer. My crystal ball tells me sports all year round for BM, and LM will be the musical one. At least I got one budding musician.

**Preschool seems to be going well. Though LM did tell his teacher, and dh, that it was "boring" and "stupid." Oy vey. It is only recently he vocalizes missing his old friends and preschool. I am hoping it is just the transition. (& I am glad he is vocalizing it - though very slow in coming). When he is there, when we pick him up, and when we drop him off, he couldn't be happier. I am sure this is his way of saying, "I miss the old place!" I am not sure something so grand exists. But I think this one will come a close second. I HOPE.

**My monthly ROTH contribution went in on the 10th, on the day the stock market rallied. I thought, "it figures." Then I looked at my buying history. Mostly been buying around $20/share. This year - around $11. Tuesday? $9/share. I am a firm believer in dollar cost averaging. I guess buying Tuesday wasn't so bad after all. Plus I am contributing 3.5 times as much as I did in 2008. So hey. The stock market is certainly not getting me down. Because we simply did not invest very much, very high... But yes, LOVING these low stock prices.

**Got our electric bill - it went down like $2. Maybe 3%? Yeah, I am thinking our major electricity usage is not lights. When we think about it, not surprising. We are very conservative with lights and have a lot of natural lighting in our house. So though we replaced a TON of lightbulbs with CFLs, seems to make little difference. Certainly not investing in more right now. I honestly am getting to the point where I feel there is little we can do to decrease our electricity usage further. We will see how our receiver/TIVO turn offs will do for the month of March. Maybe those are bigger electricity culprits? Will see!

Our gas bill is like $10/month in the summer months and electricity is like $50/month in winter. It seems we should be able to get that electricity down. I guess electricity is way more expensive. I'll be glad most of our appliances are gas!

Oh well, back to work!

5 Responses to “A Quick Update...”

  1. JJ Says:

    Even if you're not saving a lot of money on the CFLs, they will last a lot longer than incandescents so it was still a good investment.

    Here in Florida the electric company has an analysis application that combines a survey with the information it knows from your bill. In my home, I was surprised that after my AC the next biggest culprits were Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Water Heater and LCD TV. And this is new construction with new appliances.

    I turned the temp on my freezer/fridge down a bit and now when the freezer has unused space I put a 2-litre of water in there and let it freeze.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    It is good that LM is voicing his feelings, even if it probably is more a matter of him missing what he was used to than really feeling like the new place is boring.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    It would be nice if the CFLs last longer, but I don't expect they will. Most of the incandescent light bulbs in our house are over 7 years old and still going strong. They must be some energy efficient variety. (CFLs s'posed to last 7 years, on average). It's definitely the bulbs. Before this house I'd be lucky for a bulb to last a year. (Bulbs came with energy star home. Could be wiring too).

    I do suspect the fridge and washer/dryer account for most of our electric bill. Then TV/computers/lights. We could hook up the dryer to the gas, but prefer not to. All of our appliances are on the newer/energy star variety.

  4. baselle Says:

    Regarding your Roth, and buying at low stock prices: they don't ding a bell at the bottom. Wink

  5. monkeymama Says:

    BAselle - LOL. Yes, but this is lower than any prices I have paid as an adult. So LOVING it. I don't care if it's the *bottom* or not so to speak. I got 30 years to recover. This is my opportunity to fund thousands in my ROTH that i couldn't afford when I was 23, at prices when I Was 23. Seriously, how awesome is that? & if they drop further, well I will be funding more lower too.

    I am enjoying my age today. I didn't have much in there to lose in the first place. But plenty to gain.

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