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Be Proud for Being Responsible!

March 5th, 2009 at 09:18 am

I am putting this here for future cutting and pasting. Wink

A question I answered in the forums (& a pet peeve of mine I do keep bringing up).

QUESTION: "Someone remind we I am working so hard to be responsible with debt?"

MY ANSWER: So you can enjoy low interest rates, own your assets outright, refinance at will, enjoy lower interest rates on just about everything.

So you don't have to juggle all your bills and worry where you are going to live tomorrow or how you are going to afford the mortgage you can't afford, for the LONG run. (A lot of the programs being offered do little more than prolong the inevitable, in my opinion).

So you can sleep at night.

{I know way too many people on the brink of losing their home - I wouldn't trade places with them for NOTHING. Loan modifications, forgiven liens, and all. They can HAVE it}.


I think I understand some of the sentiment for people who are struggling. IT's like welfare. Anyone doing well would be insane to be jealous of those on welfare. But often times those on the brink are jealous of the handouts. IF only they did a little less, they would get more help.

& I will just never *get* that. I think ideally, to not be on welfare, should be the road to something better. I have relatives and friends who have had to rely on welfare to survive. But I think some of the happiest days of their lives was when they no longer needed it. & that was very early on a long journey to financial self sufficiency.

Anyway, I don't want to say, "NEVER gripe about the welfare system." Or, "NEVER gripe about Obama's mortgage plan." Sure, there is plenty to gripe about.

But being bitter about BEING financially responsible? From my perspective there are clearly many more benefits, in the long run, to being financially responsible. Too many to count. Tangible and intangible. I guess I forget how short sighted our society has become... No one can look past today. *sigh*

6 Responses to “Be Proud for Being Responsible!”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I can attest to this from my own experience. I was once in consumer debt, took me years to get out. And yes, the low interest rates are there when your credit rating rises, you can refinance in a challenging environment, get the excellent credit card upgrades, and the emergency fund that grows when there's no more debt to payoff does rid one of the 2 am anxiety wake-ups.

  2. Analise Says:

    I wouldn't trade places, either, with anyone that is getting bailed out, nor do I wish it were me benefiting from the help. To the contrary, I believe one should be proud (never smug) of having figured out and worked toward financial solvency. Once you are there, the benefits multiply as you have outlined in your post.

    It does annoy me to hear people with huge CC debt gloat about their CC debt settlement for a fraction of what they owed... But, then again, I wouldn't trade places and I'm thankful (and proud) I've never been a drag on anyone.

  3. merch Says:

    To be truly campassionate, we do have to take care of peole on the fringes of society who can't take care of themselves.

    What I object to is irresponsible people not being held accountable for their behavior. And responsible people needing to pay a larger and larger price.

    And that's whether it's the CEO who collected $100 million while driving the company into the ground or the neighbor who bought a house with a ninja loan for 103% value of the house.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Merch - are you saying that people who took ninja loans are not paying a price? They sure are around here. Which I guess is much of my point.

    I wanted to clarify in regards to Analise's comment. I am not saying only people who are doing well should be proud. I guess along with Merch's comments, people who take responsibility for their own actions, they should be proud about that. Whether you are struggling or doing well, just be proud you are trying your best to do the right thing!

  5. gamecock43 Says:

    that's a good way to look at the Welfare system. That if you qualify for it you have stresses that I could not even imagine, and therefore its not something to be jealous of.

  6. whitestripe Says:

    i could never be jealous of someone on government benefits (we call it centrelink here). honestly i could never live off the payments they recieve and maintain ANY sort of the life i have. i'm not a snob, but the places to rent that you can afford are terrible when you're on centrelink. after paying rent and bills, you re lucky to afford a very very small food budget, and practically nothing for any other sort of expense. you really do NOT get any sort of amount to live on comfortably. DF's sister has been on centrelink for years (i do think that people are in unfortunate circumstances when they are on benefits, but then there are some people just don't want to help their circumstances either - in the case of DF's sister anyway). she has been living this way for so long that she's used to living on around $200 a week, and thinks it's a big deal to save $300 a year.

    anyway, so my point is, i would never aim to earn less so i could recieve a handout. whenever i hear of something that i don't get because i earn 'too much', i think to myself, that that is an achievement, to not require assistance.

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