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Dang, we were skinny!

September 25th, 2008 at 07:17 am

No wonder I need my wedding ring resized.

As we watched our wedding video last night, (I took Baselle's words for my title) I thought something very similar. More like, "Dang, we were YOUNG."

I don't remember ever looking at it and thinking I felt a million times older.

But this year I did.

Dh told me it was something about being 31. It makes you feel OLD. (He is now 32 and says 31 was the worst year). LOL.

How pathetic. How will I feel when we are 40,60,80? LOL.

The funny thing is dh said, "Oh, you look exactly the same." & I think I rather do, but for a few pregnancy pounds.

Dh looks like he has aged 20 years or something. LOL. He just looks like such a "kid" in the video. I guess it is true what they say - men just are late bloomers. I was really marveling at him more than anything, and how old some of the kids in the video had gotten over the years. My best friend's little toddler nephew is now a tall lanky 11-year-old.

I guess it really magnifies how SHORT childhood is. Maybe that is the stuff we notice more with kids now.

We were both pretty skinny too, yes. Unnaturally, crazy, young skinny.


Sickness has overtaken our household. Blech.

BM threw up in the a.m. and missed his first field trip (yesterday). But he was chipper and better all day.

(As an aside it was a play and I figure I might take him on a weekend to see it, but it cost twice as much for non-school-kids. Not so sure after all... We already paid $10 for him. Not like I want to pay another $30. When I don't have another $30. All I can think is this stuff adds up SO quickly.... $20 here and there and everywhere. Nevermind).

I assume he will be up to school today. At least it was short.

Dh said he was really sick. I am usually pretty nice and just stay home when he is sick. BUT today I have a big meeting. BM, the wild one, is going to school. LM, the calm one, will be home. I think I will let him fend for himself. Though I may pick up BM from school, turn on a movie for him, and go back to work for a couple of hours.

LM may be able to go to preschool. In the past I have been more generous but we have had a LOT of unexpected bills. So I told dh maybe LM could go today but stay home Monday. So it won't cost more.

School makes it rather nice, though I am afraid school is from where these germs are coming from. It has been a pretty calm 6 months or so. Hallelujah. But new school, new kids, new germs, and the changing weather all mean sick sick sick. Ugh.

Anyway, since dh is useless that is all the time I have. I have to go round up the kids.

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