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10 More Days...

September 22nd, 2008 at 07:29 am

Just 10 more days for my fiscal month.

Expenses so far this month so far, $3950.

BM has a dental appointment today. Blech. Crossing my fingers for one filling instead of 2 (again). He has to go through this on each quadrant of his mouth. This is quadrant #2.

& of course hoping it goes as smooth this time. (He is not scared at all - enjoyed it).

Anyway, that will add $200 or $400 to our expenses. I think he has three appointments in October, just because it seemed easier since he had so many days off school.

We had some other plans for this month, but so much other stuff has popped up that I don't think there is much else.

We were invited to a family member's adoption party over the weekend so it looks like we will head off to San Jose.

Oh yes, and our anniversary is Wednesday. We don't generally do gifts, but dh wants to get my ring resized. I have not worn it for years, and he HATES that, but I plead every year to wait and see if I lose weight. Funny enough, I don't think I have lost a pound since last September. So, since I have so settled at this weight, I give in. I figure it may be the jinx I need to lose some of this baby weight. Then again, I don't think if I lost 10 pounds that it would make a difference. I'd venture a guess that I have gained 40 pounds since I was married, and the 40 pounds is why my ring does not fit! I doubt 10 pounds makes much difference, and I have no plans or desires to go back to being a stick (unrealistic anyway). I enjoy having meat on my bones. Big Grin Which is good, because the meat is here to stay - hehe.

Anyway, we will probably drive to San Jose and have to get a gift. So that should round out our expenses for the month. Maybe $300 in gas and groceries as well.

I think we will aim to have a few no-spenders otherwise. I don't think there is anything else on my purchase horizon. (Knock on wood!)

Dh will pay for my ring out of his video game profits.

We have free movie tickets and free baby sitting so we'll probably go for that for an anniversary night out.

Actually, grandma wanted to watch the kids Friday night since they will be in the area, and we just thought to ask if they would take the kids and we can pick them up in San Jose.

I told dh that if the weather is not horrid (it probably will be though - it's been so hot) that I wanted nothing more than to go through the garage a bit (while the kids were gone). There is an old bed buried in there that we need to sell/donate. & we have some cardboard to get rid of. & know we have some old crap in there. I just want to go through it a bit. But I would never do it myself - I am so scared of spiders. & dh does well with smashing the black widows. Blech. We have more black widows than I care for around the garage. It might be a good time to spray them down, if we can clear the perimiter a bit.

Oh yes, that will be fun. But just something that needs to be done.

We actually don't have a lot in our garage. We do park 2 cars in there and there isn't a lot of storage in there otherwise. But yeah, even so, there is stuff in there we don't need, for sure.

But yeah, I don't expect it to be a huge project. It's just something easier to do when the kids are not around - we don't need them around the spiders and sharp tools, etc.

1 Responses to “10 More Days...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yech! I hate black widows too. When my family lived in Albuquerque NM my dad had to spray around and inside our house nearly every week to keep the spider webs and spiders away.

    Hope you have a good anniversary!

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