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Went for a Walk

September 21st, 2008 at 06:33 pm

Short & sweet since dinner is ready. (I posted a part 2, prior post, that took some time).

Anyway, for the first time since we got a new shopping center, we walked over. I needed to pick up a few things at Walgreens.

BM joined me and timed it. The long way dh suggested took 17 minutes at a brisk walk.

Our slower more tired walk was 14 minutes the way I preferred. Aha!

They have improved our park and added a new play structure for bigger kids and are now just taunting us. Looks done to me (for weeks it has) but it is still all gates up. Bah!


The weather has been really hot. There is a nice breeze outside but the sun was blazing and the house probably needs some AC.

Unusually hot for so late in September. All of September has been more like August really.

I was dreaming last night that we needed the heat and I was quite upset because we usually have 2-3 months of no heat or AC. The house is just so well insulated so does quite well on its own in fall and spring.

Anyway, I told dh this dream and he kind of mocked me, but he truly did not understand how relieved I was to realize it wasn't cold season yet, right on the tail of hot season. !

I am thinking though we will be lucky to make it through October with no heat. We usually get at least September and October without touching the thermostat.

Then again the entire weather system seems to have shifted by one month. July was cool, September is warm. Maybe it will work out.

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