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August 8th, 2008 at 08:58 pm

We just haven't been getting out much for whatever reason.

Can't blame the weather - the weather has been nice. This is the first summer since we have lived here that I don't hate every day. Dh was just telling me today I am just getting used to it. True, getting used to it, but only 2 weeks over 100 degrees is some new record if you ask me. I think the weather has been more average this summer (local average). But it has been terribly hot the last few years.

Our electric bill shows it too. Down, down, down.

& July was actually rather pleasant!!!!!


We went out to the track (BM ran a few laps - like a kid on Christmas day) and stopped by the park. It was actually rather cold. !!


After all that running BM Was starved when we got home, but he hadn't eaten much dinner and so dh told him that was it. We don't make our kids eat what they don't like, but if they don't eat dinner they get little else (why they are good eaters overall).

So dh had lectured BM when he didn't eat his dinner, but he was ravenous of course later.

I looked in the fridge and decided I would cave for some of the fresh veggies we had.

I pulled out the lemon cucumbers. Had never tried them but heard they were good.


We cut them up, salted them, and I actually liked them.

There is something to this fresh food thing, for sure.

We devoured our 2 lemon cucumbers rather quickly, so we hit the peaches. I am also not a huge peach fan, but these are good.

The pears are long gone.

We still got some eggplant, squash, peppers and cucumbers.

We should have sliced up the peppers and added them to our potatoes the other night. !

Anyway, so far so good. If nothing else, getting me to try and commit to some new foods. Variety in the diet...


Today was a sad day. I sold my lava lamp. Frown

Actually, it's my first Craigslist sell all month (yeesh!!!). But I s'posedly have 2 people coming over tomorrow to look at a couple of things.

Anyway, I bought it when I Was a teen and has gathered dust mostly since. I decided to be rid of it since it is kind of a fire hazard anyway. (& never gets used. But makes me nervous to use it, all the same).

Some guy picked it up in a motorcycle. "Good Luck with That," I thought. LOL. Wonder if it made it in one piece.

Dh sold a game system today. Was offered $15 less than the "higher" price he posted (we always start high and see what we can get). But also gave him 2 movie tickets. Yay!

(Probably would have taken the offer regardless. But was a nice touch).

He has been offered some really weird trades though. Just desparate cashless people. (Desparate for Wiis and such). But this was a good trade.

LM is with grandma for a couple of days and so we figure we might take advantage of paying much less for a babysitter, and having a free movie to watch.

If only there were any we wanted to see (can't see a new release with these tix - only catch).

Oh yes, and BTW, HATED Dark Knight. So not sure I want to waste another 2 hours of my life. Wink Wasted 2 hours last weekend.



We haven't really firmed up any plans for the weekend. But I will probably go to aerobics in the a.m. tomorrow.

There is a fundraiser tomorrow morning as well because some nearby playground has been burned down to the ground twice (rebuilt once). They are having a pancake breakfast we will try to make (if not, will just donate).

What is wrong with people??????

Glad the residents aren't putting up with it. Rebuild rebuild rebuild (& hopefully cameras installed this time). Never been to the playground, don't know where it is. Am just PEEVED.

For lunch we have a BBQ to go for BM's new school.

Dh figured we'd take a date in the afternoon since we'd only have to pay for 1 at childcare. We may just enjoy peace and quiet at home. Maybe a free movie.

I hadn't thought much about it but just occurred to me we should go on a hike since we don't have LM. !! Just been in such a penny pinching mode (As everything falls apart around us) to think much about leisure. But we will try to go on a hike on Sunday. But for the gas, it shouldn't really cost much. (Not that gas is cheap!).

Then dh has to drive and pick up LM.

We have been doing the half way thing and no gas cash this round. Which is kind of a bummer because I honestly rather not be driving the kids all over tarnation - and the weekends is generally MY time with them. But whatever. Dh was running a bit late today when his mom called and said she was running even later. So he said he just slowed down and drove 55-60 with the trucks (drafting a bit) all the way to drop off LM at noon.

His car usually gets about 40mpg on these big freeway trips so not sure why he'd bother, but hey, kudos for him.

He peeved me last time we drove from San Jose. It just seemed to be taking forever and I didn't realize until the end he was driving on the slower end. Speed limit is 70mph. & I didn't want to spend another 20 minutes on the road I didn't have to. Wink But when I am not in the car - kudos I guess.

Most people would say I am extremely patient. But no, I do not have the patience to drive 1-2 hours at 55-60. No way!!! Big Grin Not much of a speeder, but when the speed limit is 70, I ain't going 65. For sure.

I also would probably see my life flash before my eyes (with the crazy drivers). I didn't quite understand until dh mentioned he just drove with the trucks. I was thinking, "How do you drive 55 and not get killed?"

Which is its own issue. In his little subcompact, I honestly try to stay the hell away from the semis. They are rather intimidating. I prefer to be in another lane.

But if it works for him...

We argued semantics because he said he wasn't drafting because he stayed back. But as I recall, the benefits of drafting were still there, even if you hung back a bit. I figured if he was in the "truck" lane, he got some pretty decent gas mileage. We'll see!

(Just wanted to clarify he wasn't tailgating trucks. Wink )

7 Responses to “Tidbits...”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Really, you hated Dark Knight? What is it that you didn't like? Did your hubby like it?

  2. scfr Says:

    Oooh ... wanton destruction peeves me too.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    If you want to hear why I didn't like the Dark Knight it will take a very long post. LOL. I hated everything about it.

    For one, was it really that dark? (The masses have obviously not seen a truly dark movie. Wink )

    No character development. (The joker a bit, why he shined so much).

    Didn't make any sense.

    I had heard about the one death that I thought would really outrage Batman and assumed that would make him dark.

    Instead they really brushed over that whole thing. (Being vague as not to spoil the movie).

    I have no idea why Batman was beating up SWAT team when he could have just told them they were hostages (LOL!!!!)

    The whole morgan Freeman scene with the spying on people - puh-leeze. So cheesy. & political.

    & what about voting on the boats? The boat scene could have been played out so much better. Instead they are passing out papers and voting. LOL. My spouse and I laughed out loud at that scene. I could have re-written the whole boat thing 3 different ways that would have been better (off the top of my head).

    The hospital thing bugged me on MANY levels.

    2-Face storyline didn't make any sense. One day he's good, the next he's crazy. No metamorphasis or explanation there.

    To sum it up, I think it could have been a good movie if they took their time or broke it out into 2 movies or something. Way too rushed. Nothing made sense. Many scenes were laughable.

    My husband insists it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I think he has lost his mind. He saw Batman Begins and insist if I saw that first I would like it better (would flesh out the characters more, etc.). But he was disappointed because he thought BB was so good and this one was so rushed.

    But he still stands by it wasn't that bad though he agrees on my million bones of contentions with the movie. We've discussed it at length and he agrees there were many scenes he also laughed out loud because they were so stupid. But he still holds on that it is am okay movie.

    I think that is just a man thing. LOL.

    Glad you asked? Big Grin

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I could have just linked this website:

    It really rips apart all the crappy parts of the movie. Big Grin
    I don't care is a fantastical movie is realistic or believable, really... I am not one to pick apart a movie on logistics. But they didn't even try to make any sense of anything - it just bugged me. So little made any sense.

    It just really bugs me that this is the drivel that will be BEST movie of the year. People have no brains...

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ohhh, now I understand why you didn't like it. You're too smart for movies like this. See, you have dumb yourself down into the mind frame of a cave man. "Unga bunga! You bad clown. Me smash!"

    Smartness: Good for accounting. Bad for caveman movies.

    (In my personal opinion, BB wasn't that great of a movie, and though I'd hate to not side with my fellow man, I'm afraid that I don't think watching BB would have improved one's view of DK. Again, it was a nice caveman movie, but I actually think DK was better than BB if you didn't like DK, you'll most likely not like BB either.)

  6. monkeymama Says:


    I am impressed you read my scathing review.

    Anyway, I still have to watch BB. Now I am even more curious to see what I think about it. Hmmmm. Though more annoyed it will probably be another waste of time.

  7. baselle Says:

    Read your review - haven't seen it yet, but spoilers don't bother me much. I was planning on checking it out when it hit the $3 movie theater. BB was okay - like all super-hero-summer-movies you have to think of the source and the audience - comic books & folks who need pictures to help them out. Big Grin

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