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Busy Busy Busy

April 3rd, 2008 at 07:51 am

Yeah, work is a little busy, but it isn't horrid.

But I hadn't been very posty, and I doubt I will be this week.

LM is going to see grandma Friday so dh and I could have some time. We were going to take a date night Saturday (arrange babysitting for BM).

But we decided to go to a Cirque show. Dh thought it was Cirque du Soleil. The price was cheap, and I pondered that. (Plus since when was dh into Cirque du Soleil???? LOL). But he was all excited to take BM.

I was shocked because he has been very grumpy about needing more alone time with me. So we make all these arrangements, and it turns into date night with BM? If it makes him happy.

Anyway, he handed me an article about it, so I looked closer and saw it wasn't Cirque de Soleil. It was Cirque Dreams - though the same kind of thing. But much more affordable.

I refuse to take the kids to BArnum & Bailey's (they way they treat their animals) and so I said, sure, whatever. It is very circus-y and I know BM will LOVE it. So he can't say we never took him to the circus!

I have to work most of Saturday and the show is in the evening. We may try to squeeze in a date in between, but I don't know. A hectic day.

Then we are going to the Bay Area for a festival Sunday. It will be all day. After which I have to pick up LM, to bring him home. Just a lot of running around...

There is nothing relaxing about this weekend. But it should be fun!

So yeah, just a long week...

Oh, I did go to the gym yesterday. I went once after being sick in February and was having trouble working out (low lung capacity still). So I gave up for a while. Then it's just been SO busy. But LM loves the daycare over there, so I took him last night for a treat. (I know, he was at school all day and nothing he rather do than go hang out in another daycare - he just loves everyone else's toys so much more than our own. LOL).

But anyway, I had a good workout and was in much better shape than I would have guessed. I would love to go to aerobics again, but I was scared to go without being in a little better shape. I think Saturday is too crazy to go to aerobics class, but maybe I will start it up again after April 15th...

The drive is a bit far, but the class is only $2.50 when I show up. I still have $15 credit anyway... Though there is a $7 aerobics class down the street. I have to break out the calculator and figure the gas savings. May be worth it in the long run. I think this is what has burned me out on the other class. I can swing Saturdays, but the traffic is pretty tedious on the weeknights... Though I notice it is WAY worse in the winter months. This is why I have barely been since October. I started the class last May and the traffic situation wasn't nearly so bad the first few months. So I will give it a whirl for the summer...

5 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    Have you ever thought of swapping some baby sitting nights with tax preparation for an individual? If the average cost of getting taxes for individuals is between 80-100 dollars (my experience as mine are easy and no hassels or lots of deductions) then that might get you three free evenings of baby sitting.

    Something I would consider. I did a lot of baby sitting and now am looking for a way to turn that into some swapping for other things. I have no kids so I don't need someone to watch my kids but maybe there is something else I may need in the future (grass cutting or tree pruning when I buy a house or something along those lines.) I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities here in Sacramento.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    No. No way. If I could gross $100 per tax return, sure. But I'd have to buy software and that is a lot of legal liability potential. I am not interested in preparing tax returns outside of the umbrella of my job, where I am covered for liabilities. Plus it is so busy at work I don't need more tax work. It's probably the last thing I would want to do. Blech. (IT's a very seasonal thing. Like if I could do some in the summer maybe, but who needs tax returns done in summer?)

    Likewise, in the earlier years when babysitting budgets were merely a dream, we swapped babysitting with friends. But I hated it. I have no desire to do that any longer. I have no desire to be a SAHM and I find I enjoy watching other kids even less. Even though I love them and they are kids of friends. I just don't "do" kids. Have some cash, will buy some babysitting. Big Grin I am pretty happy with our current arrangements. WE also get a LOT of free babysitting from family. I want to get some babysitting with no effort on my part. LOL.

    That is a great idea though. BArtering is always a good way to save money... We've exchanged video work for legal fees in the past. !! I have a friend who is in graphic design and barters just about everything. I am sure many parents would appreciate free babysitting in exchange for a service!

    I would teach piano for babysitting. Except the only thing is I am still quite particular who watches my kids. & the ones I Want to watch my kids don't need piano lessons. But it is an idea. You got me thinking, certainly. (I taught piano for a lot of years before graduating college).

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    if you need piano students let me know! I always wanted to learn to play.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Where do you live - north?south?east?west?

    We live by the airport. We're trying to find more CLOSE babysitters, so was just curious. (Though I could just see my husband's reaction now - I found a potential babysitter online. Tough sell. Big Grin )

  5. debtfreeme Says:

    On Howe near Fair Oaks. I have create references, love kids, reading, playing, counting, singing and spending time with any other kids would make my nieces and nephews jealous.

    My four year old niece thinks i am her personal play auntie and can't understand why i sometimes want to "play" (read talk) with the adults.

    And if the kids are great no distance is to far!

    best of luck with the search!

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