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Thursday Ramblings

October 18th, 2007 at 01:43 pm

Oh I believe I found the other quote I read earlier this month - or it was much like this:

"Many in the next generation of workers will be so debt-burdened (by student loans) they will have to delay home purchases, limit vacations, even eat out less to pay loans off on time, financial experts fear."

I guess growing up in the land of expensive all the things mentioned sound like pretty much the norm. Do I know anyone who bought a house without these "sacrifices"? Not really.


In other news, I figured when the fam was gone would be a good time to paint the kids' room. One room needs it bad (as we judt did a bad paint job on 1/2 the wall and slapped on the wall border). LM has aggressively peeled off said wall border over time and so the room really needs some paint. But while we are at it we could probably paint BM's room too.

Though we have painted many rooms in the house ourselves we have vaulted ceilings in the main entryway/dining area, so we hired someone to paint that room (maybe $700 or so - money WELL spent. Very professional, unlike our own work).

Anyway, I had mentioned I would paint while the fam was gone, but the idea leaves me exhausted. Especially as I try to cram in years of projects that can only be done with no kids around. Wink

Anyway, I think it is a testament to how things change with time. I read around here so much, "what a waste to pay for "x", or I would NEVER pay that much for "y." The funny thing is I would say much the same when I was younger. Even when we made piles more income. BEcause we were young and starting out and not a lot to show for it. These days, my bones are getting slightly more achy and they money comes easier - in a sense.

So I was thinking maybe I should just hire that painter again - doubt it would be more than a few hundred dollars for the 2 little rooms and I could just go to work and earn the overtime to pay for it. Win-win. I would MUCH rather work than paint!

I even considered surprising dh, but called today just to run it past him. He wasn't too thrilled, but then said what I didn't expect. He said he will paint - he had been planning to do it himself anyway, but I volunteered. I guess we could shuttle the kids off to grandma's for a few days sometime (she is always begging) and he can paint. Or we could do one room at a time and let them share a room as things air out. Either way, if he will do it, it is very workable. Saves me time - phew!!! I don't mind helping either. But the thought of doing 2 rooms AGAIN - ALONE - doesn't sound very appealing. We'll make a project of it - before tax season I hope.

I will still work oodles of overtime because I have much to catch up on here and rarely get the opportunity to work past 5 without feeling a twinge of guilt for not being home with the kids. Can put the overtime to retirement in that case. It probably makes much more sense to do it ourselves. I think dh has tackled 2 rooms himself too so it would be fair if we shared these 2 rooms - hehe. Just whoever has the time when the kids are away gets to paint it seems - over the years.

Not much else to report. I looked at our spending thus far for the month and interestingly our gas bill is huge (no surprise with all the driving out of town. Should decrease through the end of the month a bit though). & our grocery bill was nil. Extra strange since the kids both wanted a sandwhich after dinner and at preschool they said LM was going to eat them out of house and home - LOL. He has been really hungry. Both kids really. BM already grew a good 2-3 inches since July but there is a lot more in him. He may just hit 46 inches before Florida - meaning he could go on almost any ride at Disney World. Dang. (HE just turned 4!). He could easily pass for 6 or 7.

But yeah, I was gone a week and I assume while they are all gone I can budget a good $50 for food - will be PLENTY. The thing is on the flip side I will be bored and probably go out a bit more - maybe drive home to see family and friends for a couple of days. I guess we'll see... Family means lots of free food, but I might want to go out too.


Oh yes, we started our Christmas shopping.

I saw a cute kitty purse for my niece (school fundraiser - co-worker) and could not resist. Then it occured to me I have another one to shop for this year.

I haven't got the Christmas budget out yet but I expect it will be much the same as last year. I think I pared it down to $200-$300 and that will be fine. I think as long as the kids are in preschool we will be cutting it down. The exception being maybe nice gifts for our parents who both gave us much cash and fancy vacations this year.

I had dh pick up a $20 GC for the new baby and I have a white outfit that his mom knitted - will pass it along - it is really more girly than masculine anyway - but I no longer have a need for it! I picked up some very nice books at the dollar store for my older niece - a while back - so she will get something too. Oh how I have come to love the dollar store.

BM has a birthday to go to soon as well. Will have to get thinking on that one...


Oh, one final thing, I should have put this to the top though!

I belong to a local message board that has fizzled out with time, but though it has fizzled it seems everyone returns to share in the joy of their latest purchase. Just recently quite a few people that had not been around in ages had to show off pictures of their new cars. Of their new house. Their latest vacation to exotic lands. It just strikes me as very odd. I guess this is like normal socially.

On the flip side the other day my mom called me "simple." I think many people would be offended by that, but I embrace it. I knew exactly what she meant though. I though, yeah, I like that! I am too simple to be such a "show off" I guess. My material possessions, as many as I enjoy, they just don't mean that much to me overall. In this day and age it seems to be hard to find people on that same level though. Just people not wrapped up so much in appearances and the JOneses and all that stuff. But that is why I enjoy this forum!

3 Responses to “Thursday Ramblings”

  1. scfr Says:

    File that away for future reference, as it could really come in handy: If you tell your husband you are thinking of hiring someone to do something, he will volunteer to do it himself!

  2. baselle Says:

    I don't know of anyone even in the Midwest - flyover land of the relatively cheap - who didn't sacrifice plenty to buy a house.

    Almost like the powers-that-be that depend on the consumer economy are mad/sad if buying a house interrupts the normal flow of spending on crap. Big Grin

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Oh yeah - great points - both of you!

    Yeah I didn't think it was necessarily just a "land of expensive" thing that buying a house might take a little sacrifice.

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