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Spendy Week

August 21st, 2007 at 07:54 am

Oh, this week is turning out to be spendy. Got a friend in town from Canada whom I am meeting for lunch today. The girls wanted to meet at Macaroni Grill. I probably wouldn't mind popping in and just ordering a soda since I will be short on time too, but we'll see.

I was lazy and splurged on a $4 meal at McDs yesterday, before all this came about. Figured. Money is just going to be so tight through the end of the year with LM starting preschool too. We talked to MIL and she is big on BM going more days in preparation for Kinder. We don't really agree or see the point. For one considering, the preschool is so play based I am not sure how going more will help him prepare. IT will just make it harder to tear him away, if you ask me. So she wants to pay for something more academic. Yeah, whatever... We don't see the point, but even more funny, dh is getting very upset about him starting Kinder next year and does not want him to be busy every day of the week. It's cute. I think he is going to have a hard time of it when he goes off to school.

Yeah everyone in my moms' group is going on about teary first days of Kinder and how hard it is on the MOMs. I look on amused as my son won't shed a tear (he didn't even shed a tear when he was left the first time ever at preschool) and I will probably be okay, but my husband will be shedding the tears. IT will be really hard on him. It's not harder on the mom, it's harder on the parent who spends all that time with them before they go off to school. I still can't believe how fast it is coming up for us - one more year...

& yeah though I wasn't home with him I shed a few tears when he went to preschool. Wink I think that was the tough adjustment for me. Knowing he was in someone else's care and had to be more independent. Maybe I am kidding myself and will be bawling like a baby when he starts school - who knows.

So anyway, MIL's offer doesn't stand for LM, but he has been having a blast and a spot opened up so we are just going for it. Will only cost us another $400 through the end of the year. It really isn't much and isn't going to make or break us, but means stuff like eating out is just not in the budget at all any more. Through the end of the year anyway.

& then I ran into my friend yesterday and it is her birthday sometime this week (I had forgotten - I could have sworn it was October - LOL). So I will probably treat her out somewhere next week. Oh well. I don't want to be a cheap bastard so I figured I would do that though she owes me $10 (not even sure if she remembers).

It's all little stuff and we'll survive.

Dh is in a foul mood this week. We generally tend to buy services with companies and stick with them forever. For example, we paid our lifetime subscription to TIVO around 2000 and they still honor it though lord knows they want us to upgrade and start paying a monthly fee. Verizon we were on their old plan for AGES. We had free calls after 8pm and were paying a lot less for only 300 minutes/month, etc. We just upgraded a few months back but we were on that plan since 1999 easy. They completely honored our original contract as long as we were customers, though they haven't offered it with new contracts for years.

BUT for Blockbuster online rental, whatever it is called, we got in at a very cheap price with a bunch of extras that they no longer offer. I don't even think we have had the service more than a year or 2 and they are dropping it. We were paying $19/month for the biggest package (I thought) and dh had unlimited free game rentals as as well as extra in-store coupons every month. IT was a pretty sweet deal.

No more.

We'll be shopping around or dropping it altogether. We have SAVED so much money with all the free game rentals and everything. So dh is rather miffed. We may consider dropping it and getting back HBO or something. But that doesn't solve the game problem...

Also, yesterday it was announced that Microsoft paid off PAramount a huge amount of money so that Paramount will issue all their movies only in HD format. Blu Ray was leading by a mile and dh was confident they would win out in the format wars (which is why he wanted the PS3 so bad - to have the Blu Ray). Now it looks like Microsoft will sink a low blow to keep the wars going. Wow. Dh is peeved. He's an early adopter when it comes to this stuff so it just knocks everything on its head and he is not happy. He wanted to upgrade our DVD player to HD next year. (Which isn't a biggie since our DVD player is 10-years-old - the whole early thing. Our 2nd DVD player is the PS2...).

As for me I don't mind that he has to wait while things shake out... (Or that it's smart to wait anyway). But shhhh don't tell him. On the flip side I have to hear him rant and rave about the whole thing for a long while...

So that is what is going on in this house.

Oh yeah - I also landed a flight to Japan for $800. It is strange to me that prices were dropping as the date approaches, but we had to lock them in. It seems a lot more real. We are staying for 5 whole days (forgot we lose a day on the flight in). Now we just have to decide what we are going to do there. It is just in a few weeks!!!!! Just crazy...

In unspendy news we met some friends at the public park to play in the water feature Sunday (kids had a blast - a park I had heard of but never been to) and last night we bought a $5 take & bake pizza and invited my Canadian friend over. She brought some salad and we went to the park to shoot rockets. So been worming in some cheap fun too... IT was really good for me. If BM runs around at preschool all day and then goes to karate and runs 100 laps afterwards he can be a very calm, pleasant child. Oh he can anyway but the last evening playgroup we hosted ended in an ugly working mom vs. SAHM debate when one snooty SAHM thought our boys (& a friend's boys) were too wild for her taste. The obvious reason was because we work - of course. Were they wound up at 8pm at night? Yes. Too wild? Remains to be seen. They are young boys. Ironically we went to a playgroup the following night where it was marveled at how well behaved my kids were. But BM does get riled up in our own house more and I realized I have not hosted a play date since. How utterly ridiculous. I can't believe I let her get to me like that. I think we'll try and do more evening play dates. Though I am curious if he can be so calm without such a rigorous day - LOL. I guess we'll see. He just has more energy than one person should... If nothing else it was nice to have a "friend" over without my "parenting" being attacked though, regardless of the kids. Wink

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