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Yup, newer cars are overrated

April 26th, 2007 at 09:31 am

I came to the conclusion a while ago that our very old cars were much better purchases because we could afford so much more quality.

& anyway, today I am left feeling really annoyed with our van and wondering if we sacrificed too much quality for something "newer."

I am just aggravted. I am not sure what the final bill was - should have asked - but fixed the window and the mirror. & the oil change for convenience. But the power locks is something entirely different (I figured it had been related). Though I am glad it is not an overall electrical system malfunction, the part that needs to be replaced still is about $350. Mechanic said maybe I should just take it in to the dealer, might have to anyway to program it. But the principle really gets to me, that they make cars these days that only the dealer can fix. I ain't playing the game. I discussed it with dh and he said, well, odds are the dealer will screw you over. True. Kind of my feeling. Mechanic is old friend of family, on the contrary. So we will have him try to fix it - but the part won't be in until next week. In the meantime it is such a PITA to not have power locks. I would not mind so much if there was keyed entry on the passenger side, but there isn't. & we can't really figure out how to keep the back locked, without power. Considering we live in auto theft central, I really want my door locks back!

I think the grand total when all is said and done will be $1k. Absolutely ridiculous. I have just never had such a new car before and NEVER had these kind of stupid repairs. Is it too much to ask that the power windows and power doors last more than a couple of years? Have I ever spent $1k on car repairs in one service? Probably not? My last cars were old, but they had power doors and windows that worked for decades!

Overall I guess my standards are pretty high. HAven driven a 20-year-old Toyota with little problems, and the same with our Saturn, and our cheap little Escort, I am just not pleased with the Dodge Caravan thus far.

Oh well, at least the mirror is my fault - I broke it. There is something.

Well, we'll see. Have to take it in again next week when the part arrives. & then schedule for service at the dealer too. Times like these it is just nice to have a 2nd car and a spouse who doesn't work - to chauffer me around and overall not too much nuisance to my work day.

Well here is to better car days...

I haven't completely ruled out selling it, pocketing the change, and buying my camaro instead. LOL. Or even just an older Japanese model.

ETA: Since I can't comment I will comment here - LOL. Thanks for the tip - yup - we have the 05 Grand Caravan. Very Interesting. I will have dh call around and see if we can hold off on the part in the meantime - if he can cancel the order!

& that's what I mean - what's the point of buying new if you can't afford quality? Or you don't want to spend it anyway. Oh well, I feel we are on track to buy better next time. I should just feel lucky the Ford has held up so well, it was dirt cheap! Helps offset it a bit.

4 Responses to “Yup, newer cars are overrated”

  1. Money Saving Army Wife Says:

    We had a problem with the auto-locks on our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan last year and called several of the dealers in the area because the mechanic said that it was a computer problem and he didn't have the updated system to fix it. Two of them said that it would cost $450 because they had to completely replace the computer but the third said to bring it in so they could see if they could just re-program it. We did and he was able to fix it in 20 minutes for only $39! I don't know if it's the same problem, but it might not hurt to call around to the dealers and see if it's just a problem with the programing. I know a lot of dealers are slimy but there are some good ones out there!

  2. homebody Says:

    My 1994 Plymouth Voyager power locks don't work anymore. We have to pull up on the door handle on the outside the same time as pulling up on the lock on the inside on the passenger side. It's kind of funny. The power windows still work though. Going on 180,000 miles, original transmission and engine. I'm definitely getting my money's worth from this dang van.

    Good luck!

  3. zetta Says:

    I wonder if the problems you are seeing aren't so much due to new vs old car or the price level -- seems to me the used cars you've had have been mostly Japanese, while the Dodge is an American car. The American manufacturers are supposed to have made great gains in quality, but I'm still biased toward the Japanese cars as having better quality and a longer lifespan. My husband had many more problems with a 97 Camero he bought new than I ever had with a 91 Nissan and a 97 Isuzu I bought used.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    My car is all-manual, down to the hand-cranked windows.

    But then, I can't complain because it's still working beautifully.

    I must have reliable cars, but then, my needs aren't so high to being with. My next car will probably be another subcompact or sedan from Honda or Toyota....

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