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Can it be? A Free Weekend?

April 26th, 2007 at 06:25 pm

Everyone around here is burned out and doesn't intend to work this weekend. But frankly, I am so behind AND I want next Friday off, I didn't mind coming if for a bit. Though I was worried it might be a long saturday of working.

Anyway, all the problems cleared away and I have been whipping out payroll stuff left and right - more caught up than I imagined I would be today. Monday is the deadline!

Basically, I don't think I have to work Saturday!!!! Oh my. I don't think I will tell dh yet (just in case something comes up). A nice surprise for him and the kids. The kids have been very patient and well, but I think they are getting pretty sick of me working long saturdays.

Anyway, honestly, I probably rather come in a bit and get a bit more caught up. I don't have to work a monster day or anything. & even if I stay home I am WAY behind in my writing for the week.

But if no one else is going to be here, why should I? I think I will just be lazy, take Saturday off. & hope I can get a lot accomplished Monday through Thursday next week.

Ah, a 5-day work-week. WHat's that????

I know next week will be a little crazy, maybe the week after with 5/15 deadlines (gosh, these deadlines NEVER end). But I am hoping to work out a schedule with more free time to do some writing during the week and some exercise and such. So the weekends can truly be enjoyed. We'll see...

Yup, property tax returns due May 7 (ugly since I am behind on some of the accounting which would have the info I need) and I have 1 audit in particular I have to square away by May 15 so I can do their non-profit tax return. Yikes. Since I have been kind of pushed more into a management role I guess there is no escaping the endless deadlines!!! In the past many would pass without me having to break a sweat.

I am still dreaming of cutting back my hours. We'll see, hopefully I will catch up significantly in May and then take a breather. I can definitely say the WORST is over for the year - phew. That's something!

1 Responses to “Can it be? A Free Weekend?”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehe. Glad to hear that you are at least staying ahead of the tide.

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