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April 25th, 2007 at 09:32 am

I really wanted to take my car in next week, since it is crazy this week, but I started worrying as the electric problem seems to be spreading. Fearing if it got worse if it would cost more to fix.

Who knows, but we dropped it off today. Usually when the car goes in the shop I Tend to drop off the fam, go to work, then pick them up and get the car in the evening. But I thought, this is dumb, they probably need the car more anyway, I'll just be at work. So we dropped off the car and I got dropped off at work. Plus since I usually have to leave 4:30 to pick up BM (have not done so in months), it isn't so bad if dh picks him up first and then gets me - will be closer to 5:15 or so - buys me 45 minutes at work - which is good. Anyway, crossing my fingers the diagnostic is not too bad. WIll replace the side mirror and get an oil change while it is there. Not very frugal or cheap, but it is convenient and that wins hands down - LOL. Said I'll get it back tomorrow (unless it is something REAL bad). Oh yeah, fingers crossed. Of course mechanic looked perplexed as car is so new. YEah, that is what I was thinking. "New" car, already screwed up. Bah!

So yeah it is crazy here but I have "senioritis." I am SO itching for vacation and time off I guess. I am a little bummed because I have been ITCHING to go to Monterey and do something fun with the kids, on a Friday to avoid crowds. So I was thinking weekend of 11th, but BM got invited to a birthday party he really wants to go to. I vote Monterey still - LOL - but dh and BM vote party. Bah. So my first FREE weekend we will probably be driving and all that. Though I really look forward to the idea of a 4-day-workweek next week all the same. But then again, just so behind, wanted to have a nice full week to catch up a bit after this deadline. I could postpone Monterey to the following weekend, but I am driving down the Friday after that to get my tooth filled and want to avoid 2 weekend trips in a row. Oh well, decisions decisions. Regardless, no Saturday working in May, 1 holiday, and probably 2 days off to boot. One for as filling, but I tacked it on the holiday weekend so I could still drive back home and bum around for 3 days - LOL. Monterey will probably be decided at the last minute. I just don't know if I can take next Friday off. ???

I really wanted to lose a good few pounds before the cruise, but ain't gonna happen - LOL. Then again, weather has been nice, things have been slowing down, have been resuming the afternoon 1/2 mile walk at work in the afternoon. Maybe it is only 1/4 mile, but whatever it is is better than nothing. Last year I was a lot better about walking to get the mail and walking to the park/pool in the evenings. We have started resuming that somewhat, but after this week when I resume a more normal work schedule I can commit to more walking, and add some video workouts to the mix. I think I weigh about the same as last summer when we went to HAwaii, but I was in much better shape. I just feel flabby. I still have a good 18 baby pounds to attack, but have just been so wound up in financial stuff and work. HEre's to summer. Hopefully I Can tone up a bit so I Feel less self conscious come cruise time. I actually look forward to the amenities on the boat though - I love gyms, I just don't find them worth the expense these days, especially knowing I really don't have the time. But maybe the cruise gym will motivate me. & I want to be a little more in shape so I can maybe go on a bike ride or a hike, or hit cruise gym without keeling over - LOL. It was funny Sunday but we went out shopping and such and I Was exhausted. I frankly couldn't remember the last time I did much more than sit at a desk. So it is nice to get moving. Well needed.

Today I paid off the TV and its new beautiful stand. Dh picked one out and it is absolutely gorgeous - I love it. He did good. I was wary I would hate it - LOL. Anyway, between the 2, and taxes, $1300. I paid it. I also have to transfer $500 out of savings to pay the dental bill. (planned, short0term savings, actually $75 under budget which will help for filling). & after that we are at about 1/2 our budget for the month. Lord knows how. Dh did STEALLAR on the groceries this month and driving his car more has paid off in the gas department. I have had leftovers out my ears too - just lots of leftover lunches - no sandwhiches or BK runs. At this rate (knock on wood) I think that we will have enough extra in there to pay the mechanic. ???? I have about $350 set aside for that and my filling, before this great under-budget month. I think in the end it might buy me another $200 at the least. We'll see. I know I paid one grocery charge and one gas charge on the other cards already - ahead of schedule. But still, doesn't explain how we are having such a good month. Last day of credit card cycle is Thursday, all the bills are paid, dh knows better than to spend another dime on anything other than necessity - LOL - etc. But then again anything can happen. But I am in a good mood about it all. Just hoping the car isn't so bad...

I will have to dig out old invoices and see how much my last filling cost. Hmmmmm. I had one replaced a couple of years ago. I just don't remember it being that much.

Oh yeah, in other news, the fam may go to Florida in October. Another all-expense paid trip. Spoiled spoiled. As it turns out, dh told his mom about the windfall from my parents, which I was not happy about. So great, he didn't say how much, but his mom guessed upwards of $20k (I guess assuming the free gifting thing). So I was REALLY annoyed with dh. His parents are really generous, and nosy. None of their business, and I can just see then getting on our case about our finances if they think we just received $20k and are still budget like we are broke -LOL. (Oh yeah - and the TV to boot does not HELP!). So we had been discussing Florida next year to visit his grandfather, at an age the kids could enjoy Disney World. But he brought it up one day and his mom got on a kick they need to go throw a big 80th birthday party for GrandDad. Great, that is nice and all, but not in our budget in the LEAST. & it just came so out of left field. Why not until we brought it up we were planning a trip? I don't know. So I was really resisting. For one, it is a big deadline at work and they wanted to go for 6 work days. I guess I am just mean, but dh's sister has a baby due that month. I don't see why we just can't wait until next year - so they can go - and we have more time to plan, etc. I mean I need more than 6 months please to plan for a trip for 4 to Florida. Pricey! I don't care if we all crowd in Grandpa's house - the flight will still cost an arm and a leg - LOL. So anyway, I Was resisting because I figured MIL gravy train was out in light of recent events, and also because I refuse to use 6 days vacation - I already got my vacation planned for the year. So I pretty much told dh if he wanted to go AND his mom would pay, fine. I didn't want to be the 80th birthday scrooge. I kind of just wanted him to leave the baby too - but part of the thing is they have never met him. So anyway, in the end it all works out because dh's mom said if I didn't go, they could all share a timeshare condo ("free") and she had 4 free airline tickets anyway. (baby can take a lap). So trip is paid! To boot, we have Disney World tickets from 2000, our honeymoon, we bought a 4-day pass and I hurt my necj - don't ask - LOL. I think we only used 1 day. ?? So dh and BM basically have 3 days of park hopper tickets to use, and frankly I Am glad to be rid of them. Right now they are just sitting in our safe saying we need to fly to Florida to use them - LOL. So they will probably fly to Florida and all that and leave me, but I Am okay with it. The tickets though are just the icing on the cake - FREE trip. LOL. Of course, I know better. A few hundred dollars probably in eating out and expenses and such. But oh well, sure beats flight and hotel for 4 for a week - my word. I am also kind of annoyed because they just have to be there on the day of his birthday. I just don't get it. if they postponed it a little bit I could have flown out for the weekend or something, but has to be the weekend I have to work - just a big deadline - there is hardly a way around it. I just don't get the draw of the exact day. If someone wants to throw me a big bash the week before or after my birthday, okay with me! But I am not really feeling the trip all the same. HEck I might get a week all to myself at home. Crazy! I wouldn't know what to do with myself. & well if I we don't have to save our pennies for a Florida trip next year, what a load off for me. Phew. I think this could work out nice.

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