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March 20th, 2007 at 11:31 pm

My dh tells me oh by the way, the electric company came by and replaced the electric meter. LOL.

The bill seemed to be getting lower and lower. & then no bill for 3 months. But then I got the bill and it had exact meter readings for the last month and the first month - they estimated the middle month.

I have NO IDEA what happened. But the bill had been considerably lower for the last year since we got our new washer and dryer and so we figured that was why. But it kept getting lower. But then again we have less kids in diapers and all that - we do far less laundry, and more energy efficiently to boot.

So anyway, dh didn't ask why. They just traded it out for a new one it seems. IT will be interesting to see how it pans out. Maybe we were so good they just couldn't believe their eyes. LOL. I wish. Wink

Our bills haven't been *that* much lower so I am sure all is fine. THough it sounds like there is a chance they have been under-billing us for a while. I just don't know! I guess we'll see.

Weather here today was crazy. It had been getting considerably warm. Then cooled off suddenly (no air or heat in a couple of weeks at least - that is good). Then today we had a huge, random thunder storm. Actually, it was creepy because I had a tax client come in and they were talking about how we needed rain. I know rain had been about nil this year, same with snow in the mountains. But all the same last year was like noah's ark so I hadn't though much of it - was rather relieved. So I was thinking, hmmmm, you can't win, too much, not enough, geez. & then it just started pouring, some crazy storm for a while too. I Was annoyed too because BM and I went for a drive in the evening, sun was out big black clouds all around, NO rainbow. What is up with that? we were gyped - no rainbow - was just perfect rainbow weather.

In other news, I think I have one of my last official tax appointments Friday. Phew. I have one like on April 15th (Some guy on military duty who insists on coming in last minute the day he arrives. I told his his wife could send his info but has to make it difficult - hehe). I also have 2 clients who need to reschedule, but eh.

The even better news is that I was looking at my pile of untouched tax returns today as I gathered up some work to take home and well, there was only 1. I was shocked. Most of them I hadn't looked at yet, but we have a temp helping us, she seems good, she prepared quite a few for me. So we'll see.

I still have 9 months of work to complete in about 6 weeks. But all the same it feels good to move past that hurdle. Maybe I will have some time for my other work? Eh, won't count on it. I am hoping this means the tax returns pouring in will slow a bit and I Can stop neglecting my corporate clients so dreadfully.

All I know is I have no tax appointments for 2 days. Oh my, I might get some uninterrupted work done!!!!! Mine are mostly done, but there are still quite a few clients pouring through the office and I will still get asked to help on many of theirs. so not out of the woods yet. I hope by 4/1 to not have any open tax returns. Actually this year has been a nightmare because all my "simple" clients have come in with super complex things. IT has been driving me batty, why I am miles behind. BUT on the plus side usually I have tons of tons of tax returns with outstanding items or questions. Knock on wood but there is absolutely none of that. Everything that is done is done or out. That feels good. I hate having a bunch of stuff in limbo. I think I have 1 new client in limbo and they will be easy to extend if they don't get me their stuff soon. IT could just be that I am getting more experienced - that I don't let them walk out with unfinished business. Could just be luck - I don't know.

1 Responses to “Interesting...”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    AH HA! I knew your electric bill was too good to be true! Big Grin

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