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Gas (Heat) bill

March 12th, 2007 at 01:55 pm

Got the bill for Feb. & it was about $60. Woohoo.

The weather looks like it will settle at 70-80 degrees the next week or 2. Beautiful!!!! The weather is just awesome and it means no heat or air for a while. The house will just hold steady - it doesn't really warm up until it starts getting into the high 90s or 100s. & the weather here is always nice because it cools down overnight. The house will settle right at 70 for a while - no gas here- woohoo.

Still no electric bill. ??? I have to call - just hasn't been a priority. Going on 3 months, no bill... It's pennies this time of year, but the air might come on soon, who knows with the weather these days - it could be 100 next week for all I know. I know I owe about $40-$60 on 3 months, but once a/c season kicks in I want my bill every month please... Dh is all worried they may turn off the electricity but I haven't seen HIM volunteer to call. Gah, sometimes I feel like I do everything. I don't, but getting him to help with stuff like this is pretty darn impossible. I have an online account and they simply have not billed me. But probably best to call just in case - guess you never know.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Keep those candles ready!! (just kidding)

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