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Double Dip - Take two

March 24th, 2012 at 05:16 pm

**Good Grief!

Dh got another credit card offer today. It was for a $500 reward from Citi. This makes it like the 10th Citi offer he has gotten in like the last 30 days - it has been absolutely ridiculous!!

Anyway, *this one* is the card he just closed a few months back. I think? Big Grin So I will again try the double dip.

It wasn't a spectacular offer in that it was a "spend $3000" offer - which I think is just the normal offer. Last time he only had to spend $1000 to earn $500. But, anyway, I will bump this one to the top of the list for two reasons:

1 - I am curious to try the double dip. & if he is denied, we can just move on to the next offer.

2 - Citi seems to like him and gave him extra rewards last time. So, hey, it's worth a shot. Might get more than $500 in the end.

1 Responses to “Double Dip - Take two”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Geez Louise!

    i used to always opt out of "special offers" from them and "our partners," but maybe that's why i haven't gotten those special offers!

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