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March 10th, 2012 at 04:05 pm

This is too funny - I swear I was posting this before Looking Forward. Hehe. I didn't copy!

I don't know why loan and title companies are always SO AGGRAVATING!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!

Anyway, supposedly we sign Monday, for refinance. EXCEPT they called dh and told him to get a cashier's check for like $4700. Problem was they told me $3200. & really? A cashier's check? Since When?!? I guess it's no biggie, just not sure I have ever needed one before. Probably when we bought and came to the table with $50k-$70k. But otherwise? For a few thousand dollars for a refi? Rolleyes

No one told me any of this until after 5:00 Friday and so I am SO AGGRAVATED. I think it is just an impound thing though - they *never* seem to get that right! {No impounds - I only told them 100 times, due to past experiences, and paid my property taxes early so they wouldn't touch them!}.

Crossing my fingers we can get this straightened out first thing Monday, and can still sign Monday. I don't have $4700, but maybe that is for the best - forces them to fix it on their end. I decided if dh deposited all our cash Monday, we might barely come up with the amount they asked for. {Just thinking worst case though I *know* we do not owe that much for the refi}.


Thank goodness for Quicken! I enter all my bills and income in there about a month ahead, sometimes two months. Then I shift things around, utilizing float, in situations like that. I had to play with Quicken last night to determine how much cash I could part from checking account, and for how long.

Meanwhile, with all this money in/out in/out from savings for property taxes, new appliances, refinance costs, on and on and on, I really have no idea how I would manage it otherwise. Quicken doesn't make math mistakes. & it is so much easier to deal with than Excel. Paper would be a nightmare. (I don't do paper and pencil accounting at work because it isn't very efficient, so guess I feel the same way at home). To be fair, I use excel in conjunction with Quicken - the excel part is just pretty simple.

Between Quicken and an excel sheet that I use, I know precisely where I stand!!

So, once I get this *real* number, I can update my Quicken and see where we are at - will take about 5 seconds.

I couldn't function without Quicken right now - I would be going bonkers!! It's also been very helpful with the credit card rewards and such.

If this refinance ever ends maybe I can be done with all this financial juggling. It's been non-stop since all those credit card rewards started last summer. On and on and on. Pay this big bill early for that reward, and stuff like that...

4 Responses to “Quicken”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope things work out with that refi. Always hate those surprise costs!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Oh I'm sure it'll all work out on Monday.

    After using Quicken, even for this short time, I feel like everyone should use it. Really, WHY didn't I try it before now?!?

  3. monkeymama Says:

    @LF - You don't understand until you utilize it. It makes life infinitely easier, if you ask me. & though we have always been very organized with our finances (I don't *need* it to be organized) - I feel several times more efficient with the Quicken.

    I actually set up my kids in there, because I felt an element of, "If only I had this when I Was a teenager!" My whole financial history would be in there. So, I will do that for my kids. {Though I am well aware Quicken will probably be obsolete by the time they will have jobs and get real use out of it. But I will have a detailed financial history for them, all the same}.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    P.S. I checked and we did not need a cashier's check for last 2 loan closings (2003 & 2008).

    Sign of the times, I guess!

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