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A Day by the Bay...

November 19th, 2006 at 07:58 pm

Oh yes, yesterday was quite a spend day.

I didn't really intend to spend much, but a day in a tourist trap adds up pretty fast I guess.

The good was one of our bus rides was free (broken money-taking machine?) and at the carousel after going through much to get stupid tokens they didn't even take them. So I have some for next time. So hey we got a few free things - hehe.

Big Monkey had a blast. A day in San Francisco was as much fun as Disneyland to him. Frankly, he looked more fascinated. HE was a handful at times, but overall it went pretty good. The ride went quite well. My only regret is we left the house closer to 10. Since we didn't get to SF until around noon, I wish we had planned to leave early in the morning. We were a little crunched on time, but next time we will leave earlier. We just did not get in near as much as we had wanted, but I think that was good for the pocketbook.

We ended up going on a $5 boatride too. I thought my friend was crazy when she saw some lady hold up a sign that I didn't see. I thought - yeah right - what's the catch???? I wasn't too enthused when she drug me over to check it out. IT turned out to be the highlight of the day. Very funny tour guide, great tour, and the kids both got to steer the boat, though my monkey not for so long because he kept spinning the wheel left and veering for Alcatraz - LOL. So my friend's son got to drive all the way back - he wasn't so wild with the wheel - hehe. Anyway, I totally recommend the $5 boat tour if you ever make it to San Frnacisco and Fisherman's Wharf - money well spent!

Well - here's the breakdown:

Fancy Lunch - $25
Dinner @ Subway - $7
Cute chocolates for the kids - $6
soda - $2
water - $2
donuts - $3
Food $45

Boat tour for 2 - $11 (includes tip)
Juggler - $1 (tip)
Souvenirs - $10
Carousel (2 rides) - $10 (what racket, eh?)
Toy - $7 (don't ask - had to buy something to get stupid carousel tokens that we didn't need after all)
Entertainment & souvenirs $39

Subway - $9.50
Bus - $1.50
Gas - $20
Tool Booth - $3
Transport $34

Grand total of $118 spent, plus $7 for a christmas present for my dad. That was in the christmas budget though.

Oh well, I don't think I would have spent as much if I hadn't of been with my friend - I think I would have stayed out of the stores altogether. But I got my son a couple of little tokens as a result. Food is always the killer on these types of trips, eh?

Oh yeah, besides all that, no time to read blogs or forums today - this week doesn't look so hot. Got a little done around the house today - MUCH more to go...

Tomorrow is a day off work, but I am helping a neighbor with quickbooks, hopefully will not take ALL day. Also meeting with my insurance agent, hope the damage is not too high. I checked my dh's car on blue book and had no idea it was worth so much - has hardly dpereciated at all in 5 years - I guess we did get quite a steal. IT is worth like $4k trade-in & $8k (what we paid) by dealer??? I will discuss the whole comprehensive/collission thing as well. We really don't have a ton of money to replace it at this point. Is worth $4k and we could probably, BUT at the same time not without clearing the rest of our cash. So I am considering it, depends on how much it cost of course!! I figure odds are I won't bother because I know I could find a sweet car for $1,000 if need be. No biggie. People throw away cars like water so it is easy to find a steal. I really assumed dh's car was worth squat at this point. So I am impressed with our buy today though kind of annoyed - hehe. It will be a tough decision...

Ah, and the true test. I just checked craigslist and there are 30 of them for sale, most ASKING under $3k which means you can find one for $2k easy. Go stick shift and its even less. Blue Book can be deceiving I guess. I thought $4k trade-in was pretty pie in the sky...

1 Responses to “A Day by the Bay...”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    since the car isn't new, having collision on it should be cheaper than it would have been when you first bought it.

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