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T.V. Update

April 20th, 2007 at 11:32 am

Well you might want to skim my last post/rant to get up to speed. But this is where I admit I can be a little jekyl and hyde - LOL.

I called my mom and gave her the spiel. & she was like, righ on sista - what is wrong with your hubby? & then after ranting and raving for a bit I said, you know, I hate to admit it but I am kind of excited. Dh kind of sold me on the HDTV a long time ago and I have been wanting one. It is not ALL him. So I kind of admit that and our conversation was so funny. From "what a doofus" and "what is he thinking???", to us being kind of excited. My mom said, yeah, she can't wait to see it - LOL. & then she said, "you know, I know you will enjoy too, just take the money we gave you to buy it and don't worry about it. Would you like a loan even?" So from what a bum - to offering a loan. LOL. I said no. But it was kind of funny. I even admitted to dh I wasn't all that upset - as long as he makes an effort to pay for it on his own accord. I know he could bring in some money if he tried. For one he still has an old projector to sell. Is all I really ask. Maybe this is the kick in the pants that he needs. But I didn't let on that much either - he needs to know I Am serious - we can't just do this all the time. I can pretend he is really in the doghouse for a while. He is in a sense. These t.v.s are coming down in price - other sales will pop up - he could have waited, honestly.

AH, you see he has wrapped me under his spell. I actually just have rolled my eyes at his precious t.v. through the years, but a few years back (2003?) his uncle got a big fancy HDTV and I was awed. The first time I really *got* any level what is so special about an HDTV. I think it was then he sold me. Thought back then he wanted to spend $10k on a HDTV and we compromised with the projector which is twice as large as the biggest t.v. & cost 1/4 as much. So has been our compromise through the years.

Anyway, we had been talking about buying a $700 or so t.v. for upstairs - a more modest t.v. - dh has been manipulating me because I am blind and we have tiny old t.v. up there - so he has been pushing the angle of getting a nice, much bigger HDTV up there, one I can see and read without my glasses. & the t.v. signals are all converting to HD in a couple of years anyway, so he was selling me. We were considering it with Christmas money, keeping an eye out on a deal for this particular t.v. - he already had one picked out. So in the end just $300 more for the perfect main t.v. Not the worst. He did offer to sell the old one and I said no way - we should move it upstairs so I can see the t.v. in bed. Then we just won't have to upgrade that one. Makes more sense. The other t.v. is his baby and he made a really good purchase he is still pleased with - only thing wrong is it is NOT HDTV. LOL. It was the first big purchase we ever made together. Well, after our first home. & well it cost about $1500 - so much more than this HDTV which is about twice as big - too funny once I think of it that way. That in the end his first HDTV costs less than that baby.

Of course downstairs renders our old entertainment center null and void. So we still have to work it out. & I have a fear it won't be too long before there are talks of upgrading our free TIVO to HD. Which is another reason why we have passed so long on uphrading the main t.v. to HD - in no hurry to upgrade our TIVO since it is free in the interim - and is mostly how we watch t.v. - through the TIVO.

So, many problems are presented. But hopefully dh will get a job to pay for all this crap. & I have to admit I am kind of excited we now have a 50 inch HDTV. It is pretty sweet. I have been surfing the web and they generally run $1600-$3k so I kind of see dh's angle on the deal. Believe me he has been waiting years for a deal like this. & to have the windfall to pay for it. It isn't all bad. I guess.

Oh yeah my only other concern is that it is rear-projection as well. So I was asking if that meant it had bulbs that burn out with time, like his projector does. Yes, the bulb should last 10k hours. He cracked me up though becuase he said he thinks it will help him watch less t.v. Yeah right, who is he fooling?????? Whatever!

Anyway, the kids are ALL excited. My eldest keeps telling me that daddy bought a GIGANTIC t.v. LOL. He thinks it is pretty cool. All I have to say to that is I apologize in advance to my sons' future wives. Wink

5 Responses to “T.V. Update”

  1. JanH Says:

    I LOVE the sentence about apologizing in advance to son's future wife! I'll have to tell that one to my DIL. And apologize!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Can't wait to hear how it looks!

  3. all4money Says:

    My DH just bought one last week that was just a "deal he couldn't pass up"... 55" HDTV projection unit for $1800. Believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel!

  4. homebody Says:

    Wow what happened to my DH. He was all ready to buy one (HDTV) last year, had been saving up his "grocery money" and then YD ended up getting married and we spent the TV savings on the wedding. He has not even brought it up since.... did he forget about them?

    Well I'm not bringing it up!

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hahaha, that is hilarious.

    I'm so glad that you are OK and laughing about it, because... I have a friend of mine who Had to Have a Sony Bravia for $1500. He's still in the doghouse... even though now they watch shows together all the time. Big Grin

    I once read (perhaps on here?) that big screen TVs are gaining popularity with women... in part because it's not just about a big, bright, flat screen... but because it's also a socializing catalyst. It's like the center piece of most living rooms, and that's where the couple or family will gather and spend time together. It sounds strange, but my friend managed to sell the TV (afterward he already bought it) by spending time together with his wife watching shows they enjoy together. She likes that part.

    As for me though, I don't plan on having a new TV anytime soon... at all. It's still just way, way, way more money than I really want to spend on something like that... and honestly, I just don't watch that much to begin with. Mostly TLC, Discover, History, and the Military channel.

    But not only that, but I believe that TV in the near future will become more and more interactive and user-defined. There is already a lot of technology out there that's making it so that you can just click what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and watch it on just about anything in your house.

    Oops, I'm rambling. Enjoy your new TV! (Also, ask your hubby when he's planning to throw his big TV party for the guys, and if I can join the party. Wink)

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